Tentipi Zirkonflex 15cp

This is a development of our Zirkon 15 cp Nordic tipi, our largest Adventure Nordic tipi that offers you all-weather performance, insect protection, warmth, generous headroom and excellent ventilation, and an open fire if you want it.
The Zirkonflex 15 cp has all these features, and set up in standard position with the sides down it has the same appearance and size as the well-tested Zirkon 15 cp. In addition to this the sides of the Zirkonflex 15 cp can be lifted up by opening zippers, releasing 8 expansion wedges so the bottom side can be lifted up which gives a covered area of 8 meter diameter, with one pole in the middle.
With all sides lifted up it allows a great panorama of the surroundings, protection against rain and sun, and can host up to 40 people sitting down. In windy conditions one can lift up only one side and leave the rest of the tent down as a wind break. As with all Tentipi Nordic tipis it can be used with an open fire or a wood burning stove inside and it has great stability in windy conditions.
Zirkonflex 15 cp is intended as a base camp/assembly tent for groups and camps where flexibility and portability are crucial features and an alternative to our larger Event Nordic tipis, or any other event tents that are heavy in weight and require much manpower and special training to erect.Zirkon Flex_Closed Zirkon Flex_Fully open Zirkon Flex_Half open

About Tentipi

When choosing your outdoor equipment, it’s often a matter of protecting yourself from the elements. With innovative and technically advanced Nordic tipis, Tentipi takes you further and lets you embrace the elements. Summer or winter, desert heat or polar cold – with a lot of space, a fire in the middle and unsurpassed ventilation properties, Tentipi offers a truly comfortable outdoor life pursuit – a home from home.

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