The world’s lightest winter running GORE-TEX® shoe

Orbit BUGrip GTX is a shoe designed for the city but built for the forest. It combines lightness with technical brilliance in an outstanding way. With its bluesign® upper it also declares Icebugs vision of a sustainable future.


To talk about Icebug, is to talk about innovation. The technology BUGrip is number one when it comes to studded traction. The technology RB9X has beaten all competition when talking about traction on wet surfaces.

But to stay on top also means a need to implement a sustainable mindset. Although Icebug is not among the giants in the shoe business when it comes to the possibilities to change the whole industry, the Swedish company can still go its own way. Like it always has. This time Icebug has done it by creating the World’s lightest winter running GORE-TEX® shoe. With the traction benchmark BUGrip this is the world leading winter running shoe.

But still, for Icebug the biggest step when creating this shoe was its bluesign® polyester upper. Icebug’s vision is to become sustainable and the Higgs index is used to measure the progress. Winters are not always white but can also be wet. Therefore Oribi with the bluesign® polyester upper with Gore-tex membrane has a true purpose.

Despite the low weight, only 285 grams (US9), the Oribi BUGrip® GTX truly is feature packed. The upper is smooth and durable, and the GORE-TEX® membrane keeps water and slush out. The lacing system with integrated laminated ribbons embraces the foot and keeps it in place, along with special laces that keep them from untying. The thin tongue has a sock-like construction, both keeping it in place and making the Oribi fit like a glove. The soft heel cup has a padded collar and firm heel grip. The midsole has an integrated Rock Shield to protect the foot in rocky terrain. The midsole also adds torsional stability and is designed to provide a kick in the last phase of the stride. Medium cushioning and a 7 mm drop provide just the right level of support. The dynamic carbide studs (BUGrip) grip on anything from dry asphalt to wet wood and pure ice, providing full ground control and a possibility to enjoy the moment and the surroundings.

Who is it for? Well, anybody that wants to enjoy lightness and a feeling of being both safe and dry during those winter runs. It’s a great tool for the ones who want to keep moving regardless the winter conditions.

Want to know more about Icebug’s Oribi BUGrip GTX?

Please contact Marie Thomasson, PR Manager at Icebug HQ in Sweden.
+ 46722 461146

About Icebug

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company that back in 2001 started to challenge the global footwear giants with new innovative traction technologies. The reason why Icebug started was the frustration of having to choose between slipping or saying no to outdoor activities because of the risk of slipping. Icebug traction technologies enable people to enjoy outdoor activities all year around, no matter the conditions.

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