This World Needs RRReal Change: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Plastic has become a smoking hot potato, and rightfully so! But plastic is not the problem in itself: the real issue is where it comes from – crude oil – and where it ends up – nature. Light My Fire of Sweden is happy to announce that it has both covered.

Following two years of intensive research and development, as of January 2019 LMF’s entire product line has transitioned to biobased plastics, featuring a new palette of warm and soft colors inspired by nature. Derived from renewable crops including corn, sugar cane and tree cellulose, biobased plastics provide a way to effectively bypass the oil industry while providing a product with the same awesome properties of regular plastic.

“We’re always looking to use the most sustainable raw materials,” says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO of Light My Fire of Sweden. “By experimenting with various biobased plastics, we’ve found a solution that meets our sustainability objectives while not compromising on our product’s functionality and durability.”

Biobased plastics are still in their infancy, and as they continue to blaze trail LMF wants to share its knowledge and be as transparent as possible. To this end, LMF has prepared a “Little School of Plastic” mini-tutorial and a fully transparent overview of all their product materials and suppliers in “Let’s Talk Materials,” both found on their website.

Plastic pollution in nature is a tragedy – and with proper recycling and behavioral changes, it’s completely avoidable. Much of plastic pollution currently consists of single-use items like plastic straws, forks and packaging, and until recycling becomes widespread single-use items really have no place in a sustainable world.

“Products like our ReStraw, Pack-up-Cup and Spork are in fact durable, reusable replacements of many of these single-use items,” explains Calill Odqvist Jagusch, and continues:

“However, like most other brands, we’ve used single-use plastics in our packaging. Moving forward, this year we plan to remove single use plastics in all our packaging using RE-PET storage bags as well as recycled and recyclable cardboard where needed.”

For more information on LMF’s work with biobased plastics, visit LMF’s website:

Transparency –

Sharing Knowledge – Little School of Plastics


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