The Swedish company Woolpower is building a new factory in Östersund. A unique investment for the Swedish textile industry.


Woolpower has sewn all its clothes in Sweden since the beginning in 1969 and Swedish production with focus on high quality is the very foundation of Woolpower’s business concept. The company is now making their biggest investment ever by building a new factory of 10.000 square meters in Östersund, in the middle of Sweden. The new factory is twice as big as the one they have today.

In order to meet the growing demand for products, Woolpower must expand. Today’s premises cannot be expanded, which is why Woolpower is investing in building a completely new factory, and they continue to choose to have it located in Östersund. The new factory is planned to be 10,000 square meters, twice the size of the current factory. This gives Woolpower the opportunity for continued growth. The start of the factory construction is now in April and the hope is that production in the new factory will be up and running in the spring of 2022.



About Woolpower

Woolpower is a living proof that a clothing company can provide reasonable salaries, safe employment and a working environment that people enjoy. Ever since their factory opened in Östersund, in 1969, all the garments have been sewn there. They manufacture thermal undergarments in mulesing free merino wool.

Chaufförvägen 29
831 48 Östersund