WINNERS Scandinavian Outdoor Award SS 23


Norrøna, Senja Econyl 7L Pack

The winners have now been selected! After dedicated outdoor testing and lively discussions in beautiful Zillertal, Tyrol, the international jury of outdoor journalists and outdoor gear specialists have agreed on the winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award for next year’s spring/summer season.

The Overall Winner of Scandinavian Outdoor Award is Norrøna with the Senja Econyl 7L Pack, a light trailrunning pack of 7 liters, with all the features you can wish for. The second most prestigious award is the Sustainability Award. This prize goes to Primus Equipment, for the SIP Power Gas.

All category awards:

norrona scandinavian outdoor award

Overall Winner: Norrøna / Senja Econyl 7L Pack

Statement from the Jury:
Super stable while running through the roughest terrain and very comfortable, the Running Pack Norrøna Senja Econyl 7L Pack won the jury testers hearts immediately. One reason for the outstanding performance of this well made, lightweight pack is the perfect fit for male and female runners. It also offers all the functions you need including big pockets. With the high content of recycled and durable fabrics, Norrøna meets today’s need to build sustainable products.

Sustainability Award: Primus Equipment / SIP Power Gas

Statement from the Jury:
With the SIP Power Gas, Primus brings sustainability into the outdoor gas fuel market. The canister is still filled with fossil gas since biobased gas is not available in their production country today. But through mass balance purchasing, Primus buys the same amount of biobased fuel certificates and creates a market pull. Over time it will increase the number of facilities producing biobased gas and make it available on a broader basis. The canisters are built and filled in Europe to reduce transportation.

Hardware Award: Helsport / Adventure SL3

Statement from the Jury:
This tunnel-style-tent combines a large front vestibule with three entrances and super light, yet strong, fabrics. Result: a comfortable 2-to-3-person tent strong enough for all four seasons that weighs less than 2,4 kilos. The Helsport Adventure SL3 is quick and easy to pitch; the front and rear can either be pitched high for more ventilation or close to the ground to give you better wind protection. The jury was also impressed by the innovative construction that reduces seams to a minimum.

Footwear Award: Viking Outdoor Footwear / Anaconda Trail BOA GTX

Statement from the Jury:
Our tester praised the perfect hold of the foot and the super grippy sole while running and hiking in the mountains over steep, muddy and rocky terrain. The Viking Anaconda Trail BOA GTX trailrunning- and hiking shoe is also very comfortable and easy to adjust due to the Boa-System Lacing. The fabrics contain up to 50 percent recycled material and the Gore-Tex membrane keeps the feet dry. This underlines that over time, proven designs can be made better and more sustainable.

Apparel Award: Aclima / WoolNet Light

Statement from the Jury:
The Aclima WoolNet Light Shirt keeps you warm but prevents overheating when working out hard. The wool-mesh also dries quicker than classical wool fabrics, is super soft, stretchy and does not smell like synthetic underwear does. The new lightweight version of the Aclima Woolnet can be used all year round for any kind of activity. »Over the last 20 years I have not tested any other shirt that offers such unique functionality«, one of the testers said.

Kids Award: Isbjörn of Sweden / Dolphine Sun Jumpsuit

Statement from the Jury:
Swimsuits for children have been around forever, but the functionality and sustainability of the Dolphine Sun Jumpsuit from Isbjörn of Sweden is far ahead of the broad mass. The recycled fabric is partly made of old fishnets gathered in the ocean and has built in UV-protection. The product’s long life is another sustainability factor – it can be passed on to the next kid when outgrown. The jury also liked the idea of raising awareness among kids about the environmental challenges we face.

Technology Award: Cake 0 Emission / Makka

Statement from the Jury:
For those who want to reduce their environmental impact, Cake o Emission offers the right product: the electric moped Makka. With its strong frame, the grippy tires and the long range, it not only serves you well in the city but allows you to head out for your outdoor pursuits, too. All aluminum is recycled, and soon the plastic in this product will be replaced by a more sustainable material called Papershell which is also lighter and more durable.The Technology Award spring/summer 23 goes to Cake 0 Emission, Makka!

Download picutres of Scandinavian Outdoor Award winners here!