Welcome Light My Fire OF SWEDEN


Light My Fire is going back to its roots to clarify why the company ticks, how it works and what it actually delivers. The addition of a “of Sweden” to the logo is a subtle yet important sign of what to expect from the future.

The new Light My Fire of Sweden name defines and expresses the strong core that the company has had from the very start. “We’re approaching our 20th jubilee, conquering more and more markets. It is simply time to manifest that our strategy is based on our Swedish and Viking heritage – innovation, quality and superior design combined with powerful PR and surprise attacks.

“Of Sweden” may seem like a small addition, but it’s our way to pay homage to our love of the outdoors, design that conquers the world and a no-nonsense way of doing business”, says Light My Fire CEO, Calill Odqvist-Jagusch.

About Light my fire

Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild. From making fires to eating meals – Light My Fire’s innovative products have been taken to heart by both backyard adventurers and backwoods survivalists all across the world.

Västkustvägen 7
211 24 Malmö