Viking’s Green Rubber Line – New and improved rubber boots for hunting, hiking and work

Oslo, Norway: Viking Outdoor Footwear is relaunching its green rubber boot line with new and updated styles that feature modern designs, innovative footwear technology and even camouflage patterns from renowned Realtree.

There is something for every outdoor enthusiast in Viking’s new Green Rubber Boot collection for AW17. This lineup of boots features significant design advances as well as technological improvements that ensure the highest quality and comfort.

The comprehensive collection includes everything from lightweight, all-round models for wet hikes in the forest and mountains to sturdy boots dedicated to hunting.  There are even models that meet the specific requirements of farmers.

All Viking rubber boots are made from Natural Rubber, an environmentally friendly material that is durable and more elastic than other rubber blends.

For extra comfort, Viking Green rubber boots come with a smooth polyester lining on the inside as well as molded insoles, which are removable for easy washing and drying. The insoles reduce impact on the feet and are perforated to allow moisture to wick away from the foot and reduce the risk of blisters. A variety of lasts means that every foot can find a boot that fits just right.

Good grip on wet surfaces is a top priority when it comes to rubber boots and Viking’s Green Rubber line features high traction rubber soles that are optimized for their intended use. All hunting specific models come with Viking’s famous UGC® sole, a rugged outer sole with multidirectional lugs, even in the sole arch area, for perfect grip.

In addition, many models come with unique features like exclusive leather detailing, laces and adjustments, insulated liners for cold days, reflective details for nighttime visibility as well as camouflage patterns from the world’s leading camouflage pattern maker, Realtree.

Discover Viking’s Green Rubber Line for AW17.

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