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Oslo, Norway: Viking Outdoor Footwear is introducing a new hunting specific boot to its AW 17 Active Outdoor collection. Hunter Delux is a technologically advanced boot for serious hunters wanting the absolute best when it comes to performance, stealth and foot comfort.

When deep in the forests, mountains or fields, serious hunters require boots that can stand up to any weather, terrain or situation encountered. All this while keeping feet dry and comfortable. To meet each of these demands, and more, Viking created Hunter Delux. Available in a standard or a camouflage version, Hunter Delux is a high, supportive boot made from top quality, full grain leather that offers total protection in rugged conditions. The boot has strategically placed reinforcements that boost durability further without affecting the smooth flex that makes for comfortable walking all day long.

When the terrain gets wet and muddy, the 100 percent waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane ensures that feet stay totally dry and regulated no matter the activity level. The comfortable Nordic last features a slightly smaller toe box as well as improved heel grip that prevents against blisters. Hunter Delux offers an innovative lacing system with unique riveted eye stays that allow for easy repairs and a patented lace locker that makes it easy to keep a snug fit over the forefoot.

Another smart detail included is a braided nylon cord on the shaft that functions as a pull loop and doubles as extra laces in a wilderness emergency. It can also be removed and used as a bracelet.

On slippery and uneven surfaces, the boot’s soft UGC® rubber outsole, with a lug pattern that extends throughout the arch, offers unsurpassed grip. And for hunts when the ultimate stealth is necessary, Hunter Delux RT features a camo pattern from Realtree, one of the world’s leading camouflage pattern makers.

Complete with a traditional Nordic good luck charm, Hunter Delux always stands ready for the next adventure. Available in Black/Rust, Camouflage/Burnt Orange (original REALTREE pattern)

Camouflage/Burnt Orange

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About Viking

Viking is an outdoor footwear specialist from the world’s toughest test lab – Norway. The company, which started with galoshes and rubber boots in 1920, is now the leading supplier of outdoor footwear to the Nordic countries.

The company sells more than two million pairs of boots, shoes and other footwear each year and is one of the biggest suppliers of GORE-TEX® footwear in Europe.

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