Unique collector’s edition of Morakniv Eldris

Morakniv is now announcing an exclusive limited edition version of Eldris, available for 2018. It is the first version of the brand new concept, with great collector’s value.

Morakniv Eldris is small and handy knife that is easy to bring along on the outdoor adventure. It was first launched in five standard colors. Now Morakniv announces the brand new concept Eldris Limited Edition, where the first version has the new exclusive color aubergine. The knife is made in a limited amount and is available during 2018. The 2018 Limited Edition is set to be the first of many future colors, where every edition will have a high collector’s value.

“This is a once in a life time opportunity for the already hooked Morakniv fans as well as for those who’ve recently become outdoor enthusiasts. Part from the fact that the knife looks great in its new colorful suit, it’s most of all a useful little fellow. It’s perfect for the family that wants to go out into the nearby forest for an everyday adventure, for the hunter that is about to take care of his game, or for the hiker that needs to light the evening camp fire. Also, it’s the opportunity to join this journey from the very start. This is the beginning of a new tradition, where we’ll eventually launch additional limited editions. So there’s certainly a good idea to act quickly and make sure to get a hold of an Eldris Limited Edition”, says Niclas Wiklund, Product Manager at Morakniv.

About Eldris

A pocket size knife like Eldris is easy to bring with you. For a day long hike it’s perfect for creating splinters for the self-evident fire, or for a smaller carving project. For the longer outdoor adventure or for the hunt, it will surprise with its strength and versatility. Eldris will allow you to work close to the game you are field dressing and will be easily accessible in your breast or leg pocket in cases of instant need.

You can also take your Morakniv Eldris to the next level with the flexible neck knife kit including a paracord, a secondary lock and a fire starter. This kit enables an even greater use of the knife. Hang it around your neck with the multi-purpose paracord and carry it even more safely using the secondary lock. The minimalist fire starter is perfect for starting a warming fire or lighting a camping stove.


For further information, please contact:

Björn Åkerblom, Sales and Marketing Manager

E-mail: bjorn.akerblom@morakniv.se
Telephone: +46 250-59 50 59 | +46 70-618 41 14

About Morakniv

Say Morakniv to a Swede, and you can be sure that person has a childhood memory of fishing or making bark boats. The high quality knives have been manufactured in Mora, Sweden since 1891. Today, the skills of the local craftsmen are embodied in the family-owned factory, where high quality steel is turned into knives used and appreciated by outdoor lovers across the world.

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