Totally new brand identity

SKHOOP, the original insulated shirt company, launched a new branding concept in 2018.

Its purpose was to define the brand in detail, depict the brand, and subsequently reveal the true soul of the brand and the values it represents. The initiative involved examining and re-examining everything from collections to imagery, tone, and communication.

 New logotype, graphic design, identity

During the year, a new brand platform emerged. The platform describes the company’s core values, as well as the mission and vision that forms the foundation for the company’s future. The result? A new visual identity, branding of garment, logotype, and graphic expression that together reflect the brand’s inherent values and promote a sense of belonging and originality.

Components of the brand

Nature plays a center role in the brand’s identity. SKHOOP clearly celebrates the great outdoors and does not hesitate to promote physical and psychological rewards enjoyed by those who wear its collections in urban or rural settings – particularly its insulated skirts.

The SKHOOP team and the logotype make up part of the brand. The team enjoys experiencing things with others and sharing their own small and big adventures. One of the goals is to inspire people to discover the joy and grandeur of the little things in life.

The SKHOOP logotype symbolizes the SKHOOP identity. It conveys that togetherness is important – hence the linked double OO. Inseparable friends. Together. You and me and me and you. Values that embrace respect for the individual and love for friendship and belonging.

The primary print color of the logotype is gray, which facilitates emphasis on colorful collections.

A personal, lively font style (handwriting) appears beneath the logotype on hangtags and labels – vibrant and a tad mobilizing.

Branding and labeling

All Skhoop hangtags, as well as labels and embroideries were updated and designed to synchronize with all other parts of the brand platform. The look books and website are updated with the new visual expression and typography.

You are very welcome to visit us at ISPO 3-6 February 2019, Hall A2, stand 224, Scandinavian Village.