The world’s best ultra trail runner is the new face of SILVA

Few sportspeople train as hard, for so many hours, and in such extreme conditions as ultra trail runners.  SILVA is proud to present the world’s number one ultra trail runner, Francois d’Haene, as a new partner.


“Francois d’Haene is an absolutely exceptional sportsman and a fascinating person. He is our perfect partner for describing what SILVA’s brand and products are all about to a global market,” says SILVA’s CEO, Patrik Elfwing.


The 29-year-old Frenchman, world number one, has had plenty of competitive success. For example, he’s twice won the extremely tough Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, and last year he won the first edition of the Ultra Trail World Tour – a championship that comprises a series of extremely demanding races all around the world.


Francois’ fantastic results are fascinating – not least because of the many hours of focused training that lie behind his races and results. Training is carried out in tough environments in weather that is, to say the least, challenging. This places serious demands on both the athletes and their equipment.


That Francois d’Haene chooses SILVA’s products to help him in these incredible feats is testimony to the Swedish company’s international reputation among athletes. SILVA’s headlamps give d’Haene everything he needs to perform with that little extra: low weight, extreme durability in wind, water and cold, long battery life and, not least, SILVA’s intelligent light pattern.


“Just as for Francois, for us it’s all about a passionate desire to keep on training and developing in order to be better. This is what’s needed if you want to express in actions what we express in words: being the best in the world,” says SILVA’s CEO, Patrik Elfwing.


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SILVA has developed and sold sports and outdoor accessories since 1933. The hero products, compasses and headlamps, are characterized by a high level of functionality and innovative design. All products are designed and tested in Sweden to withstand the tough Nordic climate and terrain. SILVA develop accessories for activities such as running, skiing, biking and hiking.

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