Tentipi Nordic Tipis – A home away from home

There’s probably no better way to meet the
naked elements of nature than with a Nordic tipi
from our Adventure range. Explore the wilds,
challenge the wind and rain, be protected from
the cold, the rays of the sun, snow and insects
while at the same time experiencing the
cosiness of an open fire in your wilderness


  • Plenty of space, headroom to stand,
    outstanding ventilation and the possibility of
    having an open fire or stove.
  • Cosy togetherness and comfort without
    mosquitos, rain or a draught.
  • No need to compromise on weight, reliability
    or ease of use.
  • Easy to erect – one person can put it up in
    five minutes or less, even in a strong wind.
  • Adjustable pegging points that are designed
    to make it easy to camp on snow or sand;
    storm cord holders that stop the cords from
    getting tangled.
  • Flexible. Equally good for a ten-month trip
    through Siberia, for holidays or for weekends out
    in the country, or as a playtent for the children in
    the garden.
  • Light enough for mountain hikes (the smaller
    Nordic tipis); can sleep up to 15 people (the
    larger Nordic tipis).

Please visit us at Stand A5-405 Scandinavian Village


About Tentipi

When choosing your outdoor equipment, it’s often a matter of protecting yourself from the elements. With innovative and technically advanced Nordic tipis, Tentipi takes you further and lets you embrace the elements. Summer or winter, desert heat or polar cold – with a lot of space, a fire in the middle and unsurpassed ventilation properties, Tentipi offers a truly comfortable outdoor life pursuit – a home from home.

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