SOG makes 1.5°C climate commitment a membership criterion

17 May 2022

There is no time to waste. The Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) includes climate action in business ethics, requesting that all members make climate commitments in line with maximum 1.5°C global warming targets during 2022.

The latest IPCC report makes it painfully clear: the world needs to halve greenhouse gas emissions in just 7.5 years to have a chance to stay below 1.5°C global warming, then halve again for 2040 to reach net-zero by 2050. If these targets are not achieved there will be severe to catastrophic consequences for civilization, depending on how close the tipping points come to being triggered. Every tenth of a degree will matter.

To align with this challenging roadmap and send a strong message to the outdoor industry, at the 2022 SOG Annual Meeting the team has unanimously agreed that a climate commitment in line with the Paris agreement will be a requirement for all SOG members. Commitments will be made before end of 2022 through UNFCCC Race to Zero partner initiatives, and SOG will offer guidance to its members on commitments and practical work to achieve climate commitment goals.

Race to Zero is UNFCCC’s global campaign to rally leadership for the 1.5°C future. It creates momentum by bringing together globally leading climate initiatives and networks. By joining one of these initiatives, SOG members will work by the same climate agenda as global leaders from other industries.

David Nordblad, Secretary General SOG:
“This is a big step for SOG and our members, putting Scandinavia and our outdoor brands on the sustainability map for what’s important for our future. We don’t just want to follow but lead the way forward, making sure the planet is safe for generations to come.”

Maria Frykman, Chair of the SOG Board:
“Sustainability is at the top of SOG’s agenda and by voting unanimously for a climate commitment in our recent Annual Meeting, SOG members are passionately committed to aligning their climate goals with the UN 2050 climate pledge. By making this important commitment, we can work closely as a team to make our sustainability work within the SOG group both standardised and transparent. It will also be easier for SOG as a group and organization to support its members with a clear predefined structure.“