SOA FW 17/18 Winners

After two and a half days of hard outdoor testing and lively discussions, the international jury of nine outdoor journalists, bloggers and retailers have come up with the winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award. 22 strong and innovative products were nominated, all from the 58 brands within Scandinavian Outdoor Group.

The Overall Winner is the oldest company within Scandinavian Outdoor Group, Devold, founded 164 years ago in 1853. Their fantastic and innovative wool midlayer Tinden Spacer Jacket is the winner for FW 17/18. Other proud winners in different categories are products from Fjällräven, Thule, Varg and Reima. Added to the winners are two products which received the Jury’s Honarable Mention.

Jury SOA FW 17/18

Gjis Loning, Outdoor Guru
Frank Wacker, Outdoor Magazin
Piotr Drozdz, Gory
Karen Hensel, Norr Magazin/360
Gunhild Asslie Soldal, UTE/Friflyt
Veit Schumacher, AirFreshing
Pelle Unosson, Utebutiken/Retail & Blog

Testing and organisation
Matthias Aßmann, Mandel Consulting
Susanne Wöhrmann-Hill, Mandel Consulting
Sara Wänseth, SOG General Secretary