2014 was the year that SILVA helped runners, cross-country skiers and cyclists to understand the value of really good mobile light. Sportfack magazine has confirmed this by awarding SILVA’s Trail Speed Elite headlamp the prestigious Gear of the Year award.

Silva wins gear of the year

SILVA’s Head of Development, Mattias Jacobsson, is delighted by this award, not least because it comes from the leading Swedish trade magazine for the sports and outdoor industry.


“This is fantastic and a great success for us. The award is also a confirmation of the hard work SILVA has done on continually developing and improving products. Trail Speed Elite has previously been available in other prize-winning versions, but we have always decided to progress to a level that no one else has reached. That’s where we are now and we will continue to improve beyond what is now best,” he says.


Sportfack’s motivation for the Gear of the Year is, in its entirety:


 “It is when a product can be used by more than one target group that things start happening. Runners, cyclists, cross-country skiers, motor mechanics and the Nobel Committee have all discovered the benefits of mobile LED light.”


This prize motivation matches SILVA’s own ambitions, according to Mattias Jacobsson. Often, the aim is to develop flexible products with many different areas of use.


“For example, the majority of our customers aren’t just runners or cross-country skiers, they could also cycle to and from work. Trail Speed Elite can also be mounted on the handlebars if you want.”


The link to the Nobel Committee is because of 2014’s Nobel Prize for Physics. Last year was not only the year that SILVA made many people aware of how LED technology can light up their lives, it was also the year that the three scientists who discovered this technology were recognised for their revolutionary work.


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