SILVA launches a new compass – Trail Run – the world’s first trail running compass

Over the past few years, modern ultra and trail running have taken the world by storm whilst trail-runners have been wanting a reliable yet simple compass. SILVA now launches Trail Run, the world’s first compass specifically developed for trail runners.


In 1933, SILVA launched its first product – the world’s first liquid-filled compass. In those days, the compass was more precise and user-friendly than any other compass on the market. Since then and as sports activities have become increasingly demanding, SILVA has been continuously expanding and developing its product range to meet customer demand. Now, 82 years following its inception, SILVA launces the Trail Run compass, a world-first specifically designed for trail runners.


Trail runners typically run in narrow trails, often in challenging and very demanding terrain. This is a challenge to their accessories, not least the compass. It’s crucial that the compass is small, light and easy to take along even in the most demanding settings and weather. Trail Run weighs only 31 grams, it is 80 mm long and designed to fit snugly in the palm. The adjustable strap ensures the compass stays with the user from start to finish.


  • “We go back to our roots with the launch of Trail Run. It is a compass specifically designed for trail running where you need a light and practical compass. We have really achieved this with Trail Run, without compromising on quality or stability,” says Mattias Jacobsson, Development Manager at SILVA.


Trail Run complements SILVA’s existing trail running line, including headlamps, runner’s jackets and hydration belts. The compass is supplied with a map and check marks that make it easy to both calculate distances and draw a personal trail for training purposes. The Trail Run compass will be available in stores from spring 2016.



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Silva has been developing and selling products for sports and outdoor activities since 1933. Its focus areas are running, cross-country skiing, cycling, orienteering and outdoor activities. Silva’s products are characterised by a high level of functionality and innovative design. They are developed in Sweden with design and construction adapted to withstand the tough demands of the Nordic climate. Silva has been owned by Karnell since 2011.

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About Silva

SILVA has developed and sold sports and outdoor accessories since 1933. The hero products, compasses and headlamps, are characterized by a high level of functionality and innovative design. All products are designed and tested in Sweden to withstand the tough Nordic climate and terrain. SILVA develop accessories for activities such as running, skiing, biking and hiking.

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