Scandinavian Outdoor Brands joins together in Sustainability


100% of the members of Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) have now signed a joint Sustainability Charter. A high-level industry agenda which the outdoor industry in Europe has developed together, where we commit ourselves to work for a more sustainable future. Last week, SOG fulfilled that all 67 SOG members signed this document individually. This means that the Scandinavian outdoor brands now have a common framework where we step by step strive forward on this journey towards sustainability.

At the ISPO tradeshow in Munich last week, the very last signature was written from the members of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) and thus all have signed on this European Outdoor Group (EOG) Sustainability Charter. The 67 Scandinavian outdoor companies now commit to responsible business with a focus on sustainable development. Here are criteria for three different levels, where signing members now are to strive for the highest possible level. This Charter is now a basic requirement for existing as new members within SOG.

– I would like to compliment the members of the SOG on their unity in adopting our Sustainability Charter, says Arne Strate, General Secretary of European Outdoor Group. A big step forward for the outdoor sector. The important bit here is, that we all embrace it, only then we will make a difference as a sector.

EOG’s and SOG’s sustainability teams with partners offer ongoing support and guidance to the members and help them cope with every step of the journey at their own pace. Within SOG, a platform is also offered for exchanging experience where one supports eachother and both strategically and informally works in unison to get ahead.

– When the entire SOG membership base unite around a common framework and ambition with regards to such an important topic as sustainability, it sends a strong message from the Scandinavian outdoor brands, says Christiane Dolva, member of the SOG board and Sustainability Manager at Fjällräven. It shows that we are in this together and we collaborate in our efforts. That to me is a key success factor to drive change, and I hope to see a lot more of across the industry.

– Our main ambition within SOG is that 1 + 1 becomes 3, that we will be stronger together, says Sara Wänseth, General Secretary of Scandinavian Outdoor Group. The nature itself and a sustainable environment are natural preconditions for what we are doing and together we can lead the way and make a difference.