Outdoor Retailer 2018




Go Plogging with Scandinavians! Plogging is a way to do good, feel good and have fun. PLOGGA is a Swedish initiative where you pick up litter while going for a jog, Pick ´n Jog. Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) members Hestra, Norrøna, Ecco, Light My Fire, Craft, Bergans, Skhoop and Reima join forces in the Scandinavian Village at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, a B2B trade show in Denver, Colorado. And, the Scandinavians invite everyone to join in for 20-30 minutes of light plogging through central Denver.

Scandinavians have always been challenged and inspired by nature. We have a heritage of surviving, enduring and enjoying nature, which has inspired our way of living as well as our innovations. Our greatest challenge today, however, is not to survive in nature, but to help nature survive.

A fun and hands-on way of doing that is to pick up some of the litter that surrounds us while doing something we love – like jogging. When we plog through Denver the intention is that participants will love the Plogging concept as much as we do and get an idea about the spirit that built the brands in the Scandinavian Outdoor Group.

– We’re coming to Denver to show great products, but we also want to bring something more. Plogging gives an idea of what we’re about; being outdoors, enjoying time together and giving back to nature. That’s the Scandinavian spirit we want to share, says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO of Light My Fire of Sweden.

Come visit the Scandinavian Village at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show and get a feel for the Scandinavian heritage. The Plogging starts at the Scandinavian Bar daily at 5 pm, Thursday-Saturday. Bring your jogging gear or come as you are and have a soft plog with your new Scandinavian friends.


For more information:


Sara Wänseth, General Secretary, SOG
+46 70 5628010, sara@scandinavianoutdoorgroup.com