Scandinavian Outdoor Award Winners Fall/Winter 21/22


The winners are now selected!

After dedicated outdoor testing and lively discussions, online of course, the international jury of outdoor journalists and outdoor gear specialists have decided the winners. The winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award for next year’s fall/winter season. It’s quite clear that sustainability innovations are prioritized for most of the Scandinavian brands. The Overall Winner of Scandinavian Outdoor Award is a fully circular anorak with a fully circular business model from Bergans of Norway. The second most prestigious award is the Sustainability Award. The award goes to Icebug for Follow the Footprints, not only a product, but a complete system for transparency and traceability.

Overall Winner: bergans.future.labs 05.B Anorak from Bergans of Norway (+ Spinnova/Halley Stevensons)
Sustainability Award: Follow the Footprints from Icebug

Six products in total just received a Scandinavian Outdoor Award for the fall/winter 2021/22 season. Next to Bergans of Norway, the Overall Winner, and Swedish Icebug, the Sustainability Award winner, four other products just got awarded:
Apparel Award: Peski W Jacket from Sasta (Finland)
Footwear Award: Rottefella Xplore + Alfa Free A/P/S GTX from Alfa Sko (and Rottefella) (Norway)
Hardware Award: Vikingøks from Øyo (Norway)
Kids Award: Muutun Jacket from Reima (Finland)