Sätila Vision – Beanies to be seen in

Sätila Vision – Beanies to be seen in – is Sätila of Sweden’s collection of technical beanies for outdoor activities. The beanies offer optimal breathability, excellent warmth and unbeatable visibility in a number of different combinations. This year’s collection consists of now classic, award-winning styles which have been supplemented with new, innovative products.

Sätila of Sweden’s range of products in its Sätila Vision line targets those pursuing an active lifestyle. This product range is based on Sätila’s unique knowledge and long tradition of producing knitted hats, scarfs and accessories that combine innovation and modern design with a large number of technical innovations. Sätila’s focus on sustainability is apparent even within Vision since the beanies are produced, for example, with mulesing-free merino wool and recycled polyester.

For those participating in high-pulse activities, Sätila offers thin beanies made from materials that have optimal breathability and moisture-wicking properties. For those pursuing activities at a lower pulse rate or who are active when it is colder outside, Sätila offers beanies made from mulesing-free merino wool that are warm without sacrificing comfort. Many outdoor activities, particularly during the winter, occur after the sun has gone down, and many styles have therefore been produced with visibility yarn, i.e. reflective threads or reflective print, which offers unbeatable visibility and an added level of security when outside.

Products that focus on the user
This year’s collection combines classic styles, such as the award-winning X-3 beanie (Scandinavian Outdoor Award™ – Overall Winner), with new, innovative products. One of this year’s new products is X-30 – a beanie that combines excellent warmth with high visibility. The beanie is intended for outdoor activities in low temps and therefore comes equipped with small, laser-cut holes on the sides in order not to limit hearing when it is pulled down over the ears. The collection has also been expanded to include the X-33 sports glove, a technical product for high-pulse activities that has reflective print on the outside and a pattern on the inside to facilitate a good grip; ideal, for example, when working out at an outdoor gym or cross-country skiing.

“Our most recent product range continues to perform well, and we are receiving positive feedback from both retailers and customers that we have found the right combination and set a new standard with Sätila Vision. We are committed to offering innovative products for different types of activities and we are gradually adding new products with the user in focus,” says Maria Stockefors, CEO of Sätila of Sweden.

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