Sätila of Sweden – innovation and creativity

“Slow Fashion Evolution” is a good way to describe Sätila of Sweden’s approach to the company’s offer within its Lifestyle product segment. This segment embodies all of the knowledge and experience Sätila has built up since 1896. High quality, durability and environmental responsibility are combined with timeless design and innovative solutions.

For the 2017/2018 season, Sätila of Sweden is offering a broad Lifestyle collection, featuring a number of new knitted hats, scarfs and accessories with timeless design, exclusive materials and innovative solutions to fit all conceivable situations and styles. Sätila’s enhanced focus on sustainability and responsibility is clearly evident throughout the entire collection, with styles made from recycled wool, mulesing-free wool and a wool/acrylic blend, untreated alpaca wool, recycled denim, recycled polyester and organic cotton.

“It can sound a little cliché to talk about Slow Fashion, but if it helps us contribute to greater social responsibility then it is a good expression. We are constantly expanding the number of products we offer that are made from sustainable materials and we knit our hats and beanies in Sweden. We offer high quality and a timeless design, which means that the garments can be used for many years. It doesn’t get much “slower” than that,” says Maria Stockefors, CEO for Sätila of Sweden.


Boundless innovation
The trend of disappearing boundaries between fashion and the outdoors is still strong, and both areas are continuing to inspire and share innovations with one another. One of this year’s new products, SÄTILA REFLECT, symbolizes this trend. SÄTILA REFLECT is designed for life in the city but can blend in just as well in all environments. The hat is made from a blend of OEKO-TEX®-certified, mulesing-free merino wool and acrylic. A reflective pattern has been knitted into the hat, largely invisible in daylight but fully reflective when it is lit up in the dark. The idea of using reflective yarn was borrowed from Sätila Vision – Sätila’s collection of technical beanies for outdoor activities – and gives the hat improved visibility and security during the dark hours of the day.

“SÄTILA REFLECT is our own Kinder Egg in that it offers several hats in one. It is also yet another good example of what we mean by Slow Fashion Evolution. Here, we meet two needs that previously might have been solved with two different products. We are able to produce only one product, the consumer is able to purchase only one hat and we thus together are able to reduce our ecological footprint,” concludes Maria Stockefors.

For more information, please contact: Sätila of Sweden AB
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