Sätila – an energetic 120-year-old moving forward

As Sätila of Sweden enters 2017, it can look back on a 120-year history that was celebrated with a unique trail running race, Sätila Trail. The company has also begun to take greater strides in the past year and introduced more initiatives to further strengthen its position.

Sätila of Sweden, which was founded in 1896, is a leading company in the design, development and production of knitted hats, scarfs and accessories. Sätila is present in the Nordic region, Europe and Asia with an offer that is based on Nordic tradition, genuine craftsmanship, a passion for hats and beanies, a responsible social and environmental approach and a desire to live an active life.

As part of the plans to celebrate its 120th anniversary during the fall of 2016, the company decided to arrange a unique trail running race in the nature surrounding around Sätila that influenced the company’s history. The race offered several distances on different trails. The longest distance, Jubileumsbanan (Anniversary Trail), was 120 km and the shortest 5 km. Four of the distances were qualification races that gave ITRA points (International Trail Running Association).

“We wanted to celebrate, but we were seeking something other than a traditional party. Together with our partners we succeeded in creating a unique race in a fantastic environment that brought together not only elite runners and amateur joggers but also volunteers from local sports clubs and businesses. We could not have asked for a better celebration,” says Maria Stockefors, CEO of Sätila of Sweden.

Investments and efficiency improvements
Sätila of Sweden can also look back on 2016 as a strong year with good growth. The improvements made in the past years have been successful, and Sätila has recently taken additional initiatives to develop the business and improve efficiency. For example, the company made investments in 2016 into its machinery. Sätila also selected an external partner for warehouse management and logistics, which immediately resulted in improved efficiency and a higher level of service for its customers.

Sätila also increased its focus on the German market – a market that in terms of climate and activity levels, as well as style, is very similar to Sweden. Prior to the 2016/2017 season, Sätila selected a new distributor to market the company’s products within the outdoor, sport and leisure market – and Sätila is currently evaluating different alternatives for the distribution of the company’s offer on the German fashion market.

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