SOA Finalists SS 2016

RÖJK Superwear – Primaloft SuperUndies

RÖJK Superwear

Primaloft SuperUndies

Primary innovation features

Unique PrimaLoft Polyester/merino wool/silk blend. With our new PrimaLoft SuperUndies, you no longer have to go commando to be able to wear our clothes next to your skin on your lower body! With this new, unique PrimaLoft development, we have finally created your new favourite pair of undies. Non-mulesing merino wool keeps you fresh for longer, while PrimaLoft Polyester keeps you dry and comfortable and the silk has a cooling effect and is soft to your skin. Plus, they look really good! What more could you possibly ask of your undies?

Intended specific end use

Backpacking, adventuring, outdoor sports. Everyday wear.


The unique, self-developed fabric featuring PrimaLoft Polyester, merino wool and silk provides the garment with outstanding wicking, softness, freshness, and helps you keep a comfortable temperature at all times.

Available in stores

Spring/Summer 2016.

Recommended retail price in SEK/Euro

28 EUR.

Sustainability Information

Made in Estonia for minimizing shipping distance and thereby carbon footprint. High durability gives the garment long life, while merino wool helps minimizing washing.

RÖJK PrimaLoft SuperUndies