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Röjk Superwear – Primaloft Drifter Hood

Röjk Superwear

Primaloft Drifter Hood

Category: Apparel

Primary innovation features

Unique, in-house developed PrimaLoft Yarn blend: PrimaLoft Polyester/merino wool blend.

Intended specific end use

Backpacking, outdoor sports, leisure wear.

Specific Features

The PrimaLoft Drifter Hood is precisely what its name implies – a lightweight hoodie made for drifting around the world, free as a cloud. As one of our latest developments, the Drifter Hood packs quite the punch when it comes to functionality: PrimaLoft Polyester makes it lightweight, soft fast-wicking, keeping you dry. At the same time, the merino wool helps you stay fresh longer. And as usual, its unique RÖJK look makes it just as good for everyday use as for backpacking and other outdoor activities!

Sustainability information

Although we do not use any environmental certifications, developing the fabric ourselves means that we get control of the entire production, from fibre, to thread, to fabric, to garment, which in turn means that we can ensure that no substances that are harmful to our environment are used. Using merino wool in this unique blend minimizes washing, while high durability and timeless design vouch for a long lifespan. Furthermore, using a fabric developed in Europe, with sewing made in Estonia within a mere 450 kilometres of our office in Stockholm, we cut away a large portion of our carbon footprint, by keeping shipping distances at an absolute minimum.

Available in stores

Spring 2016.

Recommended retail price in SEK/Euro

€ 160

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