The Norwegian backpack manufacturer and innovator of the modern anatomical backpack revives its long history: With its retro design, the new series of urban backpack is clearly orientated toward its historical predecessor. The highlight of the collection is a re-interpretation of the legendary Knekken model from the 1950s that is true to the original.

KnekkenKnekken II and Knekken No. 26
Knekken was considered the standard backpack for day hikes in the 1950ies. Bergans will be launching a new interpretation of the classic backpack with a timeless design and a 2017-style material quality called Knekken II. It provides the same feature as the original: the small bend in the back plate – called Knekken in Norwegian. This bend ensures that the backpack optimally adjusts to your back and is always comfortable to carry.



Knekken n 26Knekken no. 26 even goes a step further, as this is the re-issue of the original from 1950. Today, the replica of the classic – which is true to the original – impresses with the same cut and structure. It is a stylish, practical and comfortable everyday backpack that gives hikers a piece of Norwegian design history to take along with them.




bergliot 2Bergljot Rompetaske
The Bergljot is also a replica of a historical model – and its history is just as interesting: Bergljot Hartmann sent a package to Bergans along with a well-preserved hip pack and a handwritten letter.

Bergans’ product designers were inspired and thankful, and in remembrance of Bergljot they’ve launched “Bergljots Rompetaske” (in English, hip pack) that traces its roots back to the pack from the 1920s and was named after the satisfied Bergans client

Designed with a single narrow band, it can be worn on the side or as a compact shoulder bag. It features the design and functionality of the original model and is a practical, functional companion for hectic everyday life.


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