Outdoor Retailer 2018

ReStraw™ – Sip, grip and bring along non-stop

ReStraw, designed by Red Dot Award-winner Joachim Nordwall, is a reusable straw. Oval for sipping sensation for everything from water to soup, it has a larger diameter for easy cleaning and a bring-along-friendly length. A comfy, smart grip makes ReStraw non-slip.

ReStraw comes in 5 irresistable metallic colors separate in bulk as well as in pin-packed 2-packs. A titanium model will be launched later this year. ReStraw is made of 64% Bio Plastic from sugar cane.

“ReStraw is the straw you not only can but will want to take everywhere.”

Colors: petrolium, blackpearl, pinkmetal, pirategold, silver

ReStraw™ facts:
Recommended retail price: Single € 4,99, 2-pack € 8,99
Design: Joachim Nordwall

Sip-friendly design
Portable size with smart grip
Microwave and dishwasher safe

Weight: 7,20 gram.
Includes: 1 ReStraw
Package Bulk, 2-pack pin-pack

For more information please contact: press@lightmyfire.com