Reima’s spring-summer 2016: smart & fluorocarbon free

Reima rainpants with windfleece jacket
Reima rainpants with windfleece jacket


In the production of its spring-summer 2016 collection, Reima has followed three prime directives:  all-weather usability, multi-purpose properties achieved by smartly designed details, and safety, which is realized as eco-con

scious, dirt-repellent finishes, the use of clean and ecological Tencel® fiber, and safe protection against the Sun.

Never mind the weather

How to make the most of four seasons? Reima® offers kids smart garments that can be worn in all weather. Softshell and windfleece jackets keep the rain at bay, and they also work as mid layers in cold times. Spring jackets continue into autumn with warm layers underneath. Reima rain mittens won’t harden in frost, and so they can be used in winter, too. Soft spring jersey beanies can be worn under skating helmets. We call this multifunctionality, which is the basis of a true all-year wardrobe.

Clever details do it

Design at its best is simple, yet smart. A super light Reima® jacket can easily be packed in its own pocket for travel and storage, saving space. Roll your pants legs up to capri length, or zip them off to get shorts – 3 in one means less becomes more! Cleverness counts in accessories, too: Open the zip on the baby mitten shaft and it slips on easily. Turn your beanie inside out, and you get a whole new look. Hot sunny day? Choose a ventilated sun hat for less sweat.

SunProof wear on the beach
SunProof wear is great for beach fun – Remember the sunglasses!

Safe UV protection in all summer wear

Let kids enjoy summer to the full, without unwanted consequences. With Reima® summer wear and sunglasses, staying protected is as easy as child’s play. Reima® SunProof collection offers protection factor 50+, which reflects off 98% of harmful sun rays and gives a cooling effect. The secret is titanium dioxide (TiO2), a white foodstuff colouring used for example in toothpastes and sunscreen lotions. Because the protection is inside the fibers, it will not deteriorate in the wash.

Besides special Sun protection clothes, The Reima® summer range also includes moisture transporting Play Jersey wear and quick-dry piquet garments that have an inherent UV cut of 40+, thanks to the knit structure. In other words, with Reima wear there is less need for sun lotion altogether!

Working for a fluorocarbon-free future

Kids’ health is Reima’s main goal. Spending lots of time outdoors is good, and doing it in a way that keeps the planet clean is even better. Having finally found fluorocarbon free water- and dirt-repellent finishes that are efficient enough for Reima® standards, the brand will produce its 2016 whole spring-summer Reimatec® range entirely without fluorocarbons. It is also comforting for retailers and parents to know that most Reima® materials in SS16 season are certified for consumer safety & health, either following the limit values set for baby clothes, or those set for clothes that come into direct skin contact.

Organic cotton and Tencel® a real feel-good combination

Tencel® is a fiber awarded for its many ecological merits: It is derived from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees that are grown without pesticides or artificial irrigation. The fiber is spun in a closed loop system with no emissions to nature. For light high summer wear and Newborn clothes, Tencel® has been mixed with clean organic cotton. The resulting jersey is not only wonderfully soft and comfortable, but also truly eco-friendly – and has a natural sun protection factor 40+, too!

Protection for bare little feet

In order to become kids’ favorites, summer shoes and sandals need to feel good on bare feet. That’s why Reima has brought seamless linings, familiar from adults’ sports shoes, to many kids’ sandals and summer shoes. For safety, kids should have good gripping soles in summer, too, as well as reliable fastening options – a combination of velcro and laces is best. And for a relaxing summer, parents will especially appreciate washable Reima® shoes that are easy to clean and will dry quickly.

Delicious inspiration for spring-summer 2016

This season’s colours remind us of edible things that are good for you. Sweet fruit and berries, juicy vegetables, crunchy nuts – tasty vitamins and vibrant colours grow outdoors, in fresh air and sunshine, just like kids do. Have a look, it will be a feast for your eyes!

More information

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Reima, founded in 1944 and based in Finland, is the leading Nordic children’s functional clothing brand. The company Reima Oy employs about 190 people and reached ca. EUR 75.4 million in net sales in 2014. Reima® products are sold in over 20 countries. Reima also owns the trademark Lassie®.

Functionality, safety, reliability and innovation are fundamental to Reima’s design. Reima® products are tested by the world’s most honest and ruthless testing team – children themselves.

About Reima

Reima knows how to get kids out and about! Established in 1944, the Finnish brand offers premium active wear for children, tip-to-toe and all year round, designed for sustainability. This year, the around 7 million Reima garments produced enable kids all over the world to move and play freely, in all conditions – always safely and in comfort.

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