Reima’s spring 2018 is all about caring for the next generation

Reima’s spring 2018 is all about caring for the next generation

Waterproof & breathable Reima softshell jacket, water-repellent Reima jeans and waterproof & breathable Reimatec sneakers

Since 1944, the four Finnish seasons have inspired Reima to find smart clothing solutions for kids. Now Reima is the leading functional kids wear brand, and draws on its vast experience to dress kids all over the world, all year round. The thinking behind Reima’s spring/summer 2018 collection reflects a strong dedication to build a better childhood for the next generation – the Reima Promise.

Reima is currently delivering functional kids’ wear to more than 30 countries, expanding its web sales and retail network. The brand has grown steadily, increasing the number of products sold each year. However, today’s companies cannot grow on business’ terms only: any brand that produces for babies, children and juniors, must have sustainability high on its scale of priorities. Reima builds its Promise to the next generation around four principles:

  1. Safety and protection. Everything from Reima materials to functionality is protective and safe for kids. All products are non-toxic, minimizing the danger and maximizing comfort for the user. Reima outdoor apparel is 100% fluorocarbon free* and all fabrics comply with global certification standards. Reima strictly obeys all safety regulations on children’s wear.
  2. A clean planet to play on. The value of Reima products proves itself in everyday life, lasting from one kid to another, thanks to the high quality and timeless designs. Reima clothes are always easy care to save energy, water and detergent. The brand is also working to increase recycling of polymers.
  3. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a kid’s better health, joyful learning and a good night’s sleep. Reima wants to inspire families to find the joy of movement together, with products that allow free movement and ensure kids’ comfort in any activity. Reima also works with various non-profit organizations offering opportunities for kids to enjoy active play and promoting an active lifestyle.
  4. Visibility throughout the value chain. Reima proactively improves and cooperates with its partners to ensure the same high level of quality and ethics is evident throughout the entire value chain. Reima’s supply chain is based on long-term relationships, and Reima is a member of BSCI since 2010. Their unbiased and unannounced audits ensure that also Reima’s partners fulfil high standards and offer fair conditions for their workers.

Sustainable highlights of Reima spring/summer 2018 collection

Safely water& dirt repellent

Durable Water Repellent finishing treatments are necessary for producing easy-care clothing. Reima’s DWR finishes allow parents to wash the garments less, in lower temperatures and with less detergent. This in turn means less energy, water and chemicals consumed during the lives of the products. The finishes Reima uses in its garments are always safe, non-toxic and fluorocarbon free, in order to protect aquatic eco-systems and human health.

A special innovation for spring/summer 2018 are Reima’s water and dirt repellent jeans that look and feel exactly like regular blue jeans. The jeans also have a moisture-wicking effect, thanks to the incorporated Coolmax® fiber. Now parents can let kids be as active as they want, yet stay drier and cleaner, while looking street-smart and casual. Many families will be thrilled to hear about this novelty!

Comfort & safety in the sun

The adverse health effects of sunburns at an early age are increasingly well known. Many Reima garments are lab tested for UV protection, and the UV protection factor is marked on the clothes or the hangtag. The testing ensures that the clothes provide a reliable sunblock for kids.

Most Reima summer garments are highly UV protective by nature, based on the fabric structure, and others have a protective substance tightly bonded to the fibers. All Reima UV protective clothing is non-toxic and safe to wear, independent of the protection method used. By using Reima SunProof UV protective clothes, parents can achieve up to 50 times longer playing time in the sun for their kids, and simultaneously decrease the consumption of sunscreen lotions.**

Finding the joy of movement

With more time spent in front of screens and less time spent playing around freely, kids’ health can be at stake. Reima wants to fight this trend and help parents to keep their kids active. Together with Suunto, the leading brand for sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments used by adventurers all over the globe, Reima has developed the ReimaGO® concept. It consists of a wearable sensor that measures kids’ physical activity, a free game-like app that motivates kids to be active, and a wide collection of clothing with a special pocket for the sensor. The free ReimaGO app is downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Reima Kidventure Challenge invites kids to move more

Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence in 2017. As part of the festivities, and as a concrete measure to make kids move more, Reima launches the #millionhoursofjoy movement already in autumn/winter 2017: the aim of the consumer activation is to challenge kids from all around the world to move 1,000,000 hours altogether! The main prize of the campaign in each of the 15 countries will be a family trip to the Reima Kidventure activity event in magical Finnish Lapland in March 2018.

*Why no fluorocarbons?

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) belong to a larger group known as fluorocarbons. All fluorocarbon water & dirt repellents are made with PFCs, or using substances that can biodegrade to PFCs. Their performance is excellent, BUT they

  • are stable – they take a long time to degrade in nature
  • are bioaccumulating in the environment and in all animals & humans
  • seem to be carcinogenic
  • may affect reproduction and hormone production in mammals

What does Reima use instead of PFCs?

  • BIONIC-FINISH® ECO by RUDOLF group – based on hyper-branched polymers called dendrimers
  • Ecorepel® by Schoeller® – based on paraffin chains
**Why should we use less sunscreen lotions?

Many UV-filtering substances found in sunscreen lotions are reported harmful to aquatic organisms and can even damage coral reefs. By using SunProof wear instead of lotions, Reima consumers can help preserve marine life by decreasing the amount of chemicals that end up in the water.

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Reima in a nutshell

Reima, founded in 1944 and based in Finland, is the globally leading children’s premium functional wear brand. Reima’s volume growth has been double digit since 2012 and the company reached ca. 85 million € in net sales in 2016. Reima exports 80% of its products to over 70 countries across three continents. The company employs about 300 people of which about 120 in Finland.

Reima’s mission is to guarantee kids the freedom to be active, in any weather. Functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation are fundamental to Reima’s design, such as the ReimaGO activity sensor concept that applies the latest technology for adding joy to movement. Reima® products are tested by the world’s most honest and toughest testing team – children themselves.

About Reima

Reima knows how to get kids out and about! Established in 1944, the Finnish brand offers premium functional children’s wear for active kids, tip-to-toe and all year round, designed for sustainability. This year, the around 7 million Reima garments produced enable kids all over the world to move and play freely, in all conditions – always safely and in comfort.

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