Reima winter 2023 collection keeps active kids dry and warm

Image of kids wearing Reimatec parkas
Durable, classic outerwear that’s protective – and unisex, for easier reuse by the next child. This is the Reima recipe that gives hope for our kids’ planet and their future. Waterproof Reimatec parkas Naapuri and Serkku in sizes 104-164 cm.

The Finnish kids’ wear brand Reima, operational since 1944, believes in an active childhood. The brand’s mission is to help kids grow up healthy and ready to take on the world to come. In autumn 2023, Reima presents protective outerwear and soft wear with recycled and bio-based fibers.

Reima is a leading expert of kids-only performance wear for all climates. Reima bases its product development on the Nordic way of parenting. The brand believes kids should be kids and explore the world around them. To this end, the company produces high-quality, tip-to-toe gear, perfected down to the smallest detail, for kids from 0 to 12 years of age.

Experience the magic of winter

Reima wear is known for beautiful prints, which are a treasure chest for toddlers’ and kids’ imagination. This winter, the moods are magical, adventurous, and energetic. The themes get their inspiration from Arctic nature and wildlife, winter in the city, and modern art.

All prints are Reima’s own original designs. To complement them, many all-purpose garments come in solid colors that will stand time. The classic designs are easy to accessorize for each new season and for each new user.

Girl wearing Reimatec Muhvi jacket
The Reimatec Muhvi jacket is a best-seller for kids from year to year. here boasting a new AW’23 print. 92-140 cm.

Choosing materials with less impact

Recent estimates of the textile industry’s environmental impacts emphasize the making of the materials. To reduce the impacts of Reima materials, Reima designers have chosen to increasingly use recycled fibers, as well as bio-based ones. Since 2020, Reima has also been a bluesign® system partner. This means Reima will systematically increase the share of bluesign® approved materials and trims in its products.

The first Reima bluesign® products

In winter 2023, Reima will bring to the market its first nine bluesign® products. There are not that many brands yet offering bluesign products for children. To achieve bluesign® product status, also a certain percentage of the trims and accessories used in the making of the garment must be bluesign® approved.

The bluesign System is based on input management. Reima uses only bluesign® approved chemical products and raw materials in all steps of the manufacturing process. This way, we can eliminate substances posing risks to people and the environment from the very beginning.

The bluesign® mark indicates that the products offer a high level of consumer safety and are produced with a minimum impact on people and the environment, using resources responsibly.

Toddler boy wearing Reimatec Lappi snowsuit
The Lappi snowsuit for toddlers is a Reimatec bluesign® product. It’s waterproof, breathable, and warm in winter. The dreamy print features the endangered Arctic Fox, photographed by Finnish wildlife photographer Konsta Punkka. Sizes 74-98 cm.

Warm layers with smart materials

Wet skin can cool down up to 25 times faster than dry skin, so the idea behind layered dressing is simple: to keep the skin dry and warm. We can do this by using fibers that wick or absorb moisture away from the skin, thus keeping it dry, and fibers that trap air between them, thus insulating against cold.

All wool in Reima layers is Responsible Wool Standard certified. Adding Tencel® or bamboo makes the soft merino wool especially skin-friendly, and a dash of synthetic helps the thicker materials in both base and mid layers last longer and dry more quickly.

Developed for active sports and rough play, the base layer Lani comes in several bright color options. It’s a strong classic style with Thermolite® fibers that are hollow, thus warm, and highly moisture-wicking, and partly bio-based Sorona® fibers that give additional stretch.

Image of three kids wearing Lani base layer sets
Moisture-wicking Lani base layer set with Thermolite®, sizes 80-160 cm, is ideal for sports and active play.

Eco-conscious design for the slopes

Reima’s ski collection for the season 2023-24 takes the climate into account: all styles come with at least 50% recycled fibres. The pants feature super durable reinforcements, and Reima has designed all styles to endure the downhill adventures of several kids.

The garments and accessories feature all the necessary details for snow sports: Reima makes sure pockets are protective, zips will open and close easily, and the snow stays out of sleeves, waists and leg ends. The hoods, waists, cuffs, hems, and leg ends are almost always adjustable, and the suspenders and snow locks are detachable. This technical know-how together with the excellent water and dirt repellence of the materials makes them strong favorites for snow-loving families everywhere.

Kid wearing Reimatec ski overall
The Reimatec ski overall Reach lets kids enjoy downhill activities in full comfort. Sizes 92-140

But what if your kids are just beginning their skiing career, or you only get to ski a couple of times a year? Well, winter always comes to the city too, in one form or another. That’s why you can wear many of these versatile styles daily, on urban outdoor trips as well.

Girl wearing Reimatec ski jacket
The Reimatec ski jacket Hepola looks perfectly street credible with jeans. Sizes 104-164.

Accessories to change the game

Protecting the extremities in winter is no small deal. Of course, the proper layers and protective outerwear need to be in place. Yet kids’ thermal comfort also depends very much on the footwear, hat and mittens or gloves. Reima keeps a wide range of high-quality basic accessories. These get spiced up with seasonal patterns and details that can make any classic jacket or snowsuit look brand new again

There are no exceptions to the sustainability rule here either. In Reima accessories, all wool is certified responsible, and all cotton is certified organic. The durability has reached an all-time high: we have now revamped all classic waterproof Reimatec glove and mitten styles. We make both our snow play and slopes styles of Reima’s strongest Duraplus material that contains recycled polyamide. The material boasts a whopping 80 000 cycles in the Martindale test with sandpaper, which means it will surely take a round or two of digging in the sandbox or climbing rocks, too.

Photo of kid wearing beanie and winter mittens
Pohjoinen beanie in 100% responsible certified lambswool. Sizes 48/50-56/58.
The Original waterproof Reimatec Ote mittens, sizes 2-6.

Warm feet through slush, snow and ice

The Loskari boots with a waterproof galosh are a newcomer for slush and snow play. The slightly rocking outsole lets kids walk more naturally, and the lugs of the outsole material grip very well on various surfaces.

For walking through the varying winter weather in style, choose a waterproof Reimatec boot such as Myrsky. Together, the waterproof membrane and fluorocarbon-free** water-repellent surface make sure that although the weather may be wet, the feet won’t. The bumpers in the lower part are super durable, yet unlike leather, they’re waterproof. And yes: this shoe style is vegan-friendly.

Photo of kid examining their winter boots
Loskari slush boots, tested for insulation at -10 °C. Sizes 20-35.

Laplander 2.0 for Arctic-proof warmth

When slush turns to ice and everything freezes, it’s time to introduce heavy-duty winter boots such as our revamped Laplander 2.0. This boot has now been tested for insulation in ‑40 °C/‑40 °F, which of course doesn’t mean you’d have to wait until -40 to use it. The test result indicates these boots will keep kids’ feet nicely warm for longer than most other boots, which again means a much longer playtime outdoors – yay!!!

Laplander 2.0 boasts a special sole with Reima’s own design, developed by Vibram exclusively for Reima. It features two Vibram lug technologies: Arctic Grip to grip on wet ice (the dark inner lugs) and Traction Lug to grip on all other materials (the outer lugs). Together, these make sure there will be less slips and falls during kids’ winter adventures. And because kids’ feet are still developing, we’ve reserved extra room in the wide last for the toes.

Photo of Laplander 2.0 Reimatec boots
The waterproof Laplander 2.0 boots are tested for insulation against cold until -40 °C/F and come with state-of-the-art Vibram outsole technology. Sizes 28-40.

*What do we mean when we say, “more sustainable”?

When Reima says a style is more sustainable, it should fulfill at least one of these requirements:

  • monomaterial/easy to recycle
  • minimum 50% recycled fiber content in the main material
  • bluesign® approved main material
  • made with Responsible Wool Standard certified wool
  • the cotton/hemp is organic

**Why no fluorocarbons?

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) belong to a larger group known as fluorocarbons. All fluorocarbon water & dirt repellents are made with PFCs or substances that can biodegrade to PFCs. Their performance is excellent, BUT they:

  • are stable – they take a long time to degrade in nature
  • accumulate in the environment and in all animals & humans
  • appear to be carcinogenic
  • may affect reproduction and hormone production in mammals

Reima mainly uses these fluorocarbon-free finishes:

Reima briefly

Reima is a globally leading kids’ activewear brand. Founded in Finland in 1944, Reima employs almost 500 people. The company’s turnover was €147 million in 2021. Reima’s products and Finnish Baby Box solutions are available in over 50 countries. Reima’s mission is to gear up the next generation of happy, active kids, preparing them for the world to come. Our design principles are innovation, functionality, safety, and fresh Finnish design. The clothing is approved by the world’s toughest testers: children. Read more at

About Reima

Reima knows how to get kids out and about! Established in 1944, the Finnish brand offers premium active wear for children, tip-to-toe and all year round, designed for sustainability. This year, the around 7 million Reima garments produced enable kids all over the world to move and play freely, in all conditions – always safely and in comfort.

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