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The Finland-based kids’ functional outdoor brand Reima® has focussed on getting kids active and out since 1944. For the season SS’17 the company has identified two ways of doing this: designing weatherproof clothes that allow all kinds of activities, and a new wearable tech concept that rewards kids for being active and moving about.

Waterproof Reimatec jacket and comfortable knit fleece sweater, both with a special pocket for ReimaGO sensor.
Reimatec jacket and knit fleece sweater, both with a special pocket for ReimaGO sensor.

ReimaGO® – Wearable tech for kids’ health

Reima has invented a way to help parents understand, raise and maintain the level of kids’ physical activity: ReimaGO®, a wearable activity sensor that will measure kids’ physical activity and motivate them via a playful app. In spring/summer 2017, several jackets can accommodate the sensor in the special ReimaGO® pocket, and as a new feature, all pants have a clever mini pocket, designed and constructed for carrying the ReimaGO® sensor. The free app is downloadable from Apple App Store in August 2016.

Reima SunProof collection eliminates the need for sun lotion under the clothes.
Reima SunProof collection eliminates the need for sun lotion under the clothes.

Feeling cool and staying protected in summer

Reima pants collection is now wider than ever. The most interesting newcomers are soft jeans styles made from fabrics with a cooling effect – based on special profile fibers, enhanced with cooling minerals.

In sunny travel destinations sunburn can easily appear under regular clothing, taking parents by surprise. This is why most Reima leisure wear items for summer are tested and labelled for UV protection, making it easier for parents to evaluate, how long the garment will protect and will sun lotion be needed under the clothes (3). Our special range for UV protection, Reima SunProof collection, eliminates the need for sun lotion under the clothes altogether, thanks to the high UV protection factor. The size of the collection has increased each summer along with its popularity. Now the design has been shifted towards a more multi-purpose direction, making the styles not only suitable for swimming or beach play, but also for leisure and all-round use, even in the city.

To protect kids’ eyes even better, all Reima Sunglasses now feature UV 400 ReVo lenses. The mirroring lenses are of top rank (optical class 3) and offer full UVA/UVB protection. Compared to regular sunglasses, mirror lenses also eliminate indirect radiation, which means they protect better against sunrays near large light reflecting surfaces, e.g. when skiing or sailing.

Wash and run!

Reima introduces several washable footwear styles this spring. Among those are also the company’s bestsellers waterproof Reimatec® shoes Wetter and Patter, whose new last name is now “Wash”. Wetter Wash and Patter Wash are both easy and fast to dress, too, thanks to the elastic laces and velcros. For high summer, there are many washable Reima summer shoe styles that are extremely light-weight, and super breathable to ensure comfort in hot weather. Letting your kids play freely whilst also keeping them looking good has never been easier!

Reimatec® garments keep kids dry and comfortable in any weather.
Reimatec® garments keep kids dry and comfortable in any weather.

Easy-care – and better for the planet

Waterproof and breathable Reimatec® all-weather wear forms the core of Reima® collection. Reimatec® garments, shoes and accessories keep toddlers, kids and juniors dry and comfortable, tip to toe, in any weather.  Finished entirely without fluorocarbons, the product range meets the easy-care demands of today’s busy parents.

Multi-functional is practical

The triumph of multifunctional Reima® products continues from previous seasons: 3-in-one jackets are true all-year products, as they come with detachable linings that can also be used on their own. Legs of trousers and sleeves of light down jackets can be zipped off, adding variety even to very small travel wardrobes – especially handy when kids attend summer camp.

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About Reima

Reima knows how to get kids out and about! Established in 1944, the Finnish brand offers premium active wear for children, tip-to-toe and all year round, designed for sustainability. This year, the around 7 million Reima garments produced enable kids all over the world to move and play freely, in all conditions – always safely and in comfort.

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