Reima takes Nordic outdoor style to kids’ city wear

Reima is the top international brand focusing on kids’ performance wear only. In autumn 2019, the brand celebrates its 75 years of existence by bringing onto the market a collection free from harmful chemicals, with unique styles and designs inspired by outdoor life in Nordic nature.

The clothes brand Reima has gradually evolved from a Finnish specialist into a global market leader in its niche. Reima produces premium performance wear for children aged 0 to 12, complete with footwear and accessories. The brand promotes the Nordic way of parenting that enables kids’ joy of movement and free play outdoors, in all seasons and climates. In the autumn-winter 2019 Reima collection, naturally warm wool and safe, easy-care materials play an important part.

Outdoor style for kids

From folklore and frosty cottages to urban style

For this season’s prints and patterns, Reima designers have examined the Aurora Borealis and frozen flora of Northern forests. The prints feature close-up views of shiny white ice and natural wood, as well as the decorative motifs of traditional folk art. The basic colour palette in kids’ winter sports is bright and vivid, tamed for the city with cinnamon brown, forest greens and basic white, black and grey.


Outdoor joy
Dare to wear white this winter

Wearing white in winter – no problem!

White is an important colour this season. Thanks to ecological durable water and dirt repellent finishes, it’s easy to keep Reima outdoor gear of every colour — even white — fresh and clean. Our surface treatments protect winter explorers throughout all their splashing and dashing adventures, safely without fluorocarbon compounds *.

Be sure to check out the water and dirt repellent Reima blue jeans, too – a practical autumn favourite for kids and juniors, with warming Thermolite fibre and a brushed inside surface for additional warmth.

Wool base layer for outdoorsMore wool in layers

Mountain climbers and arctic explorers can survive in extremely cold conditions by dressing in layers. Layered dressing is the best solution for children’s outdoor activities, too.

Fine Merino wool proves its power in the base layer. Wool naturally repels dirt and acts like second skin: it feels warm in the cold outdoors, yet it is skin-friendly indoors. It keeps kids warm, even if it should become moist.

Wool is a great choice for mid layers, too, as it absorbs moisture and provides excellent warmth with less weight. By increasing the share of wool in clothes, we can decrease microplastic shedding from laundry to waters.

Reima classics stand the test of time

Reima offers several carry-over styles that have become popular classics. Parents can dress classics up to suit any child, and accessorize them to look fresh and new with each season or year. Even when a child outgrows their favourite item, you can still find the same style next year, in a bigger size with the same fantastic features.

Classic, high quality products are worth treasuring, repairing, and passing on to another child, which helps reduce consumption. Versatile Reima transformer products that are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 are good examples. They are easy to adapt from autumn to winter – one can wear them all year round on top of more warming layers. Choosing one product that has a longer using time is always more ecological than buying two or three different products. This can have a major impact on the kind of world we leave behind us for generations to come.

Reflective print & mittens
Be seen when it’s dark outdoors

Reflective prints and trims are serious fun

Reima’s reflective prints and details contain tiny glass beads that reflect the light back to its source. This can make it easier for drivers to spot children on rainy days and dark evenings. To complement these reflecting details, it is wise to use an additional, CE-certified reflector to keep kids safe while out and about. Many Reima jackets have a special life-saver loop under the front pocket flap. There you can easily attach a hanging reflector without damaging the jacket’s waterproof shell fabric.

The waterproof Reimatec Vilkku winter mitten is a CE-certified reflective protective accessory that offers 360° visibility. When worn over the sleeves as instructed, Vilkku mittens improve traffic safety, while also keeping hands warm and dry.

Laplander boot
Waterproof Laplander boots for winter

Water out, comfort in – for the feet, too

Reima shoes, available since 2004, are engineered carefully, following the latest development and studies on foot health. Reima fits all shoes on children. Reima’s product team tests the styles thoroughly on the field as well as in the lab.

Wet skin will chill 25 times faster than dry skin. To keep kids’ feet warm, Reima offers a comprehensive range of waterproof shoes and boots. And just like when dressing for hectic activity, one should remember a moisture-wicking base layer, which in the case of waterproof footwear means wearing technical socks.

For warmth, but especially for free movement and healthy growth of children’s feet, shoes need to be big enough. Reima’s removable Happy Fit insoles make it easy for parents to check if the shoe still fits. And finally: Reima shoes are easy to dress, which is the Daily Family Comfort Factor above all others.

 Besuchen Sie vom 3.-6. Februar unseren Stand A2-104 während der „ISPO“ in München, Deutschland.

For more photos and information, please contact:

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*Why no fluorocarbons?

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) belong to a larger group known as fluorocarbons. All fluorocarbon water & dirt repellents are made with PFCs, or using substances that can biodegrade to PFCs. Their performance is excellent, BUT they:

  • are stable – they take a long time to degrade in nature
  • accumulate in the environment and in all animals & humans
  • appear to be carcinogenic
  • may affect reproduction and hormone production in mammals

What does Reima use instead of PFCs?

  • BIONIC-FINISH® ECO by RUDOLF group – based on hyper-branched polymers called dendrimers
  • TeflonTM EcoEliteTM – a renewably sourced, bluesign® approved plant-based finish

Reima briefly

Reima is a leading children’s performance clothing brand. Founded in Kankaanpää in 1944, Reima Ltd. employs over 400 people. The company’s turnover in 2017 was approximately €112 million. Reima sells its products internationally to around 37 countries, and via Finnish Baby Box to 70 countries. Reima’s mission is to ensure that children have the freedom to move and play outside, no matter what the weather. The design principles of Reima products are functionality, safety, innovation and fresh Finnish design. The clothing is reviewed by the world’s most honest and tough test group: children. Read more at:




About Reima

Reima knows how to get kids out and about! Established in 1944, the Finnish brand offers premium active wear for children, tip-to-toe and all year round, designed for sustainability. This year, the around 7 million Reima garments produced enable kids all over the world to move and play freely, in all conditions – always safely and in comfort.

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