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Re-engineering the outdoor industry with RÖJK

Ever since the beginning of our brand, we never wanted to do what everyone else is already doing. Partly because it’s no fun at all, but also because we felt we can neither truly contribute to the outdoor industry nor develop our own potential that way. This has helped greatly in establishing our brand, as developing our own fabrics makes us unique in many different respects. It has also led us to pole position when it comes to developing new fabrics from PrimaLoft® Yarn.

For this season, we have re-engineered as well as re-named the warmest garment in our range: going by the new name of PrimaLoft Micro Pile (formerly known as the Bomber Pile), this jacket is both lighter and more multi-functional than its predecessor. The unique, in-house developed fabric gives the Micro Pile superior wicking and insulation compared to other pile fleece garments to the PrimaLoft® Polyester construction, vouching for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

We are also introducing a new style, the Mounter, which was developed with ski touring, alpinism and climbing in mind. This is a garment for true outdoor enthusiasts who are not willing to give up style for functionality: combining merino wool and polyester with a more technical cut, this one-of-a-kind half-zip hoodie makes sure you don’t look out of place when you return to town after a long day out of doors.

Finally, you will also find that we have re-engineered our award-winning classic, the Zippen Hood, as well. Starting with Fall/Winter 2016, this incredibly multi-functional garment will be made with CORDURA®, giving it the new, full name of Cordura Zippen Hood. This will give an already highly durable hoodie even greater durability, while distinguishing it further in our range as well as on the outdoor market as a whole.

For inquiries about the new developments, about RÖJK, or to set up a meeting with us at ISPO 2016, please contact us through the below:

Linus Zetterlund
Marketing Director
+46 (0)70 – 727 62 84