Primus PrimeTech Stove Set – Winner of the Ispo Award 2017

45 judges from 13 countries and tow continents travelled to Munich to see, test discuss and select out of the huge amount of applications the winners for 2017.

The PrimeTech Stove Set of Primus convinced the judges due to it´s overall concept and it´s ultimate efficiency and won the highly appreciated ISPO Award ”Winner 2017“in the category ”Outdoor Cooking“.

Click image to download hi-resolution version.

About Primus

In 1892 F.W Lindqvist, from Stockholm, created the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove that made life simpler for adventurers. Since then, Primus products have made countless expeditions possible. Passion, for the outdoors and the technical expertise is the secret behind every one of Primus innovations and what ensure that the products become reliable and life-long companions.

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