SOA Winners 2016

The international jury of eight outdoor journalists and retailers from five different countries just finished their two-day jury meeting in Montafon in Austria. They were testing, discussing and naming the Award Winners of this season’s competition of products from Scandinavian Outdoor brands. The announcement of the winners with price ceremony was just held in the Scandinavian Village during the trade show OutDoor. A Norwegian tent company is the overall winner…

Since 2006, the competition for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award (SOA), hosted by Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), aims to support product and design innovations as well as to promote new Scandinavian outdoor products. Today, the Award enjoys a high recognition thanks to the most thorough evaluation process of the industry: nominees and winners trust the competences and vast experience of every jury member.

A total of 20 products, from brands of the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, have been nominated to compete for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. The international jury team composed of prestigious outdoor and industry journalists and retailers based its final judgement on the following criterions: Design, Innovation, Functionality, Quality and Sustainability.

Based on the meticulous assessment of each criteria, four Awards were attributed: Overall Winner, Hardware Award, Footwear Award and Apparel Award. The Overall Winner is the product offering the most complete performance in each specification. Two products also received the Jury’s Honorable Mention for innovative design/outstanding functionality.

OVERALL WINNER: Helsport – Fonnfjell PRO 2 tent
The Fonnfjell Pro 2 tunnel tent impressed the jury with its unique inner tent configuration creating a spacious  vestibule with one big front opening and two side entrances. This offers great ventilation, easy entry and weather protection. The quality and the workmanship of the materials are of the highest level, for such a spacious and strong-four season tent the weight (2,8 kilo) is good.

APPAREL AWARD: Klättermusen – Fjorgyn Anorak
This is the piece with the most outstanding design out of all this year’s products«, says the Jury. The very lightweight Anorak is made from a new waterproof, breathable 2,5-layer fabric that gives you best-of-its-class skin comfort. Also the attention to detail earned a lot of respect.

HARDWARE AWARD: Bergans of Norway – Helium 55 L
Combining low weight (1 kilo) with good load capacity and a very comfortable carry system, this pack allows good freedom of movement in the upper body. The Bergans Helium is the perfect choice for everyone who wants a lightweight pack without sacrificing performance. The long front zip opening allows easy packing and access to gear. »Overall an outstanding pack«, says the jury.

Viking created with the Dis Boa a very comfortable and lightweight hiking shoe. It delivers good cushioning and a grippy outer sole. Thanks to Gore-Tex Surround technology not only is the waterproof upper breathable but also the under foot section. »A very good low-cut shoe«, agrees the jury.

JURY’S HONORABLE MENTION: Bergans of Norway – Eidfjord Jacket
The Eidfjord Jacket may look like many other three-layer jackets, but its new innovative feature is the face fabric called Ecodear from Toray. This abrasion-resistant polyester fabric is made partly from molasses, a waste product of the sugar manufacturing process. Therefore less petroleum is needed. »This is an important step towards a more sustainable hardshell«, states the jury.

JURY’S HONORABLE MENTION: Hilleberg the Tentmaker – Niak 1.5
Whether it is used as a spacious one-person tent or a very light two-person tent, the Hilleberg Niak 1.5 (1,6 kilo) will be a reliable shelter for 3+ season use. The dome tent is easy to pitch, strong, long-lasting and in its overall performance hard to beat – the reason it earned a unanimous honorable mention.