Pinewood: 25 years of caring

Timeless design. Clothes without harmful chemicals. Solar power. For 25 years Pinewood in Småland have become more and more sustainable. But the best is still to come.


A LOT CHANGES in a quarter of a century. Countries disappear, and new ones are formed. We modernize our values and our technologies. The planet isn’t as impressed with us, though. We are living at the planet’s limits and it has become clear that humankind is the villain in this unfolding drama. “As a manufacturer of clothing, we are well aware of our role in all of this. Pinewood’s vision from the start has been to contribute to a healthier nature by producing clothes that have as little effect on it as possible. Clothes that last, despite a fair pricing, so you don’t need to buy new ones,” explains Rainer Rüssel, CEO of Pinewood.


IT ALL BEGAN in Småland, Sweden in 1994, with the now iconic Canada shirt. The all-purpose largechecked flannel garment that suits everyone and to every occasion. In 1996, Pinewood was registered as a company and they were off. They soon set up Nordic distribution, and Norway, Denmark and Finland have been onboard from practically day one. The little company moves from mum’s basement to their first premises, at a whopping 35 m2. For a few years Pinewood slowly upgrade, and in 2001 they start their sales in Germany. In 2006, they inaugurate their very own 300 m2 offices and a 3200 m2 warehouse where they still are today. “But it was also time to make sustainability an even larger part of Pinewood. So in 2008, we opened our own factory in China, with fair salaries and full control of the manufacturing process.

We joined amfori/BSCI and had a successful first audit of our China factory,” says Rainer Rüssel. “We stopped using PFCs in our garments and in 2019, our first t-shirt made from organic cotton was produced, and in the autumn of 2020, our first collection made from entirely recycled polyester was launched.”

BUT IT’S THIS year 2021 that the most is happening. 25 years after Pinewood started, they are launching their first ever t-shirt made entirely from wastage from other textile production. They are bringing out jackets and vests in synthetic down, made from recycled PET bottles. “And on the home front, we’re installing so- lar panels at our head offices and warehouse, with the aim of becoming self-sufficient on solar energy. But the greatest breakthrough has been decided for the future,” says Rainer Rüssel. “From the autumn of 2022, we’re aiming for 50 percent of all new Pinewood products to be produced using sustainable materials.”

About Pinewood

Pinewood is a leading manufacturer of leisure products that combine high quality, great function, good fit and excellent design. Pinewood supplies hunting clothes, fishingwear and outdoor clothing for as well adults as children with minimal environmental impact. The clothes allow you to enjoy uninterrupted leisure activities regardless of the weather. The company is family owned and founded in 1996.

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