The Swedish outdoor brand Silva have just launched an update of the popular Cross Trail-series. These headlamps are designed for those who enjoy both running, biking and XC-skiing, and who want to use one headlamp for several activities. Being active all year round has never been easier.



At Silva we develop products for people who spend time being active outdoors, regardless if the activity is high pulse like running or skiing, or if you are commuting to school or work. With our products, you can go anywhere you want, at anytime of the day, and in any conditions.

When it comes to our headlamp range, our ambition is to offer greater light in smaller size in every headlamp we make. All Silva headlamps are designed to strike the right balance between size, light and battery weight.

The new Cross Trail 5-series consists of three different headlamps especially developed for activities such as cross-country skiing, running and biking: Cross Trail 5, Cross Trail 5X and Cross Trail 5 Ultra. Which headlamp to choose depends on the duration of your activity since each headlamp comes with a different battery set up that gives different burn time.

“These headlamps are developed for those who want to use the same headlamp for several activities. Instead of buying one headlamp per activity, you only need to buy one that fits all your needs, which is perfect from both an economic and environmental aspect. It is always a challenge to develop a product that will work well for various user areas, but as always, we have done rigorous testing during the developing process. The light image is very comfortable, and it is possible to adapt the light image to your activity to get the best possible experience”, says Katarina Tallhage, Product manager at Silva.

All Cross Trail 5-models are extremely lightweight, the lamp unit itself only weighs 78 grams, with a light output of 500 lumen; which is more than enough for the activities they are meant for. The headlamps are equipped with SILVA Intelligent Light, a double light beam technology that optimizes the light pattern for better control and improved balance, and SILVA Flow Light which enables seamless tuning of the light image for different activities by simply tilting the light up or down.

One headlamp, many activities
Like many of our headlamps, the Cross Trail 5-series is designed for multiple activities. That means that you can use the same headlamp for many different activities. The speed of the activity determines which kind of light beam you will need, and since our Cross Trail 5-headlamps are equipped with SILVA Flow Light, you get the combination of long reach spotlight and close floodlight for slow and fast activities.

Our Cross Trail 5-headlamps comes with three attachments. With just a few clicks, you can move the headlamp between the headband, helmet or bicycle handlebar. These attachments make the headlamps extra flexible.

The perfect headlamp is unnoticed by the user
Light quality is crucial when choosing the right headlamp, but if it feels heavy or uncomfortable you will probably not use it anyway. Therefore, we start our headlamp design with studying how the body moves and reacts in different situations. Comfort is key.

Our headlamps are the smallest and most lightweight on the market. Our goal is to create headlamps that feels like an extension of yourself, well-balanced and with a comfortable fit. All headlamps have a stability-enhancing plate fitted on the back of the headband and together with the anti-slip silicone string on the inside of the 30 mm wide headband, the headlamps will stay in place no matter how sweaty you get or if the rain is pouring down.

Our Cross Trail 5-series comes with an extension cable that enables you to move the battery to a pocket, your backpack or bicycle handlebar. It also gives you the opportunity to switch between different batteries with various burn time. By wearing the battery close to your body, you can extend its burn time in cold weather.



Cross Trail 5 Ultra has a recommended retail price of 169,99 EUR.
Cross Trail 5X has a recommended retail price of 119,99 EUR.
Cross Trail 5 has a recommended retail price of 99,99 EUR.



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Cross Trail 5 product film
Cross Trail 5X product film
Cross Trail 5 Ultra product film

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