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Olivin 2 cp – an ordinary Nordic tipi made of cotton/polyester

Our handy home for hikers or bushcraft, Olivin 2 cp, is the latest innovation when it comes to our goal to create the strongest, most spacious and ingenious tent in the small peak tent category. To this new Olivin 2cp, our cotton/polyester fabric Cotpolmex Comfort is used. Our light, very strong and efficiently ventilating cotton/polyester fabrics create an indoor climate that is far superior to that of a normal tent because our fabrics breathe. No inner tent is needed to avoid unpleasant condensation. Olivin 2 cp is a Tentipi® tent – with all the implications of its elaborate and clever construction and smart features have been taken from our larger Nordic tipis.

The tipi is exceptionally stable in strong winds and a small open fire can be lit inside the tent. The tent is erected in three minutes. You can sleep two persons plus a dog and there is room for four people to sit and socialise. All equipment is stored “indoors”. Our In-Tent Vent™ ventilation system is easy to regulate from inside of the tent, even from the sleeping bag! Storm cord holders prevent cords from tangling. Built-in, foldaway snowflap makes the tent suitable for use in any season. The central pole can be easily repaired out in nature or replaced by a wooden pole. The tent is tensioned with straps instead of cords; storm cords are generally not needed. Smoke chimney on microstove can be led out through the apex of the outer tent.

Accessories, making the tent more flexible
– Floor, possible to open for cooking and making a fire
– Rain roof over the entrance
– Inner tent with integrated floor
– Hekla 7 Firebox

About Tentipi

When choosing your outdoor equipment, it’s often a matter of protecting yourself from the elements. With innovative and technically advanced Nordic tipis, Tentipi takes you further and lets you embrace the elements. Summer or winter, desert heat or polar cold – with a lot of space, a fire in the middle and unsurpassed ventilation properties, Tentipi offers a truly comfortable outdoor life pursuit – a home from home.

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