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Olivin 2 — a lightweight with a big heart

Tentipi is now entering the small tent segment with their new 2-man tent, Olivin 2. But at a time when most other manufacturers are going in for low tunnel tents, Tentipi sticks out with a tall Nordic tipi — but in miniature!

Tentipi have been producing Nordic tipis for 25 years, with a strong focus on comfort and roominess, and new Olivin does not diverge from that tradition. Weighing just 3.5 kilos, it’s the lightest tent in the Tentipi® family but, in contrast to other lightweight tents, Olivin 2 is a tent where people can be together and socialize; it’s not just somewhere to sleep. That means this tent is perfect for mountain hikes or long canoeing trips when you want to cut down on weight but still have comfortable accommodation.

“We always want accommodation to be part of the experience. If you have a cosy and comfortable tent with you out on your trip, it’s not a disaster if there’s a day with non-stop rain,” says Bengt Grahn, CEO and founder of Tentipi AB.

Olivin 2 is based on the same concept as Tentipi’s other Nordic tipis — a robust central pole, a removable inner-tent with a floor and the ingenious In-Tent Vent™ system for regulating ventilation — without even having to get out of your sleeping bag! So practical when the early morning sun rises and you’re still sleepy! Olivin 2 also has a generous snow flap which gives additional ways of adjusting the ventilation, something that makes this a great all-year-round tent.

The high construction of the Nordic tipi, 170 centimetres, means there is ample space for four adults to sit upright in the tent and even stretch their arms a little after a good night’s sleep. But despite the relatively high ceiling, the tent still has excellent wind resistance. In addition to strong storm cords and a central pole made out of aluminium alloy, Olivin 2 also has Tentipi’s own Y-stakes, whose unique design gives them 25 per cent more flexural strength than other Y-stakes on the market with the same weight and material. The manufacturer has designed Olivin with the toughest conditions in mind and the fact is that in an emergency situation, you can even make a fire inside the tent if you remove the inner-tent, ensure there is good ventilation and monitor the fire very carefully.

“We started out with a crazy list of all the things we wanted this tent to offer — then the list faced reality. After several years of development work, we have achieved our goal: this tent is sufficiently light without having to compromise on durability and comfort,” says Bengt Grahn.

Olivin 2 Combi

Price                                   €870

Outer tent                           Yes

Inner-tent                           Yes

Weight (kg)                                  3.5

Weight inner-tent                       1.5

Diameter inner-tent (m)           2.8

Height (m)                                   1.7

Pack width (cm)                         19

Pack length (cm)                        41

No of people, sitting                  4

No ofpeople, sleeping                2Tentipi Olivin 2_Open White

About Tentipi

When choosing your outdoor equipment, it’s often a matter of protecting yourself from the elements. With innovative and technically advanced Nordic tipis, Tentipi takes you further and lets you embrace the elements. Summer or winter, desert heat or polar cold – with a lot of space, a fire in the middle and unsurpassed ventilation properties, Tentipi offers a truly comfortable outdoor life pursuit – a home from home.

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