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Category: Apparel

Primary innovation features

At exactly 170gr or 17,5 microns thickness, our wool baselayer works for every type of activity, 365 days a year. With 17,5 microns, it provides a softer and more comfortable product compared to what is provided elsewhere in the market today. Most other companies use about 19 microns in their products, but what enabled us to bring it down to 17,5, is that we added a nylon yarn and spun wool around it. This increased the durability of our baselayer considerably, and made it possible to be washed at 40°.

Intended specific end use

The wool baselayer can be used all year around, during every type of activity. The main intention of the products design was of course to make it usable during mountain biking, ski touring, climbing, trekking, or free riding. However, the wool baselayer is just as suitable for everyone with an active lifestyle, even if it is during running or everyday trips.

Specific Features

  • The One-piece also has a drop seat for better comfort
  • Weight: 170 gr/m2
  • Material: 94% Merino Wool and 6% Polyamide

Available in stores

August 2016.

Recommended retail price in SEK/Euro

€ 199

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