Morakniv is a three-time winner in the Swedish Design Awards 2023

Morakniv in collaboration with the brand agency Identity Works wins gold in the prestigious categories of packaging & brand identity. To complete the hat-trick, Morakniv received the ‘People’s Choice Award’ in the product design category for Morakniv Rombo BlackBlade™ (S) in the latest knife collection, The Ash Wood Outdoor Collection.


“It feels outstanding that Morakniv can still compete at a high level today, after over 130 years of manufacturing in the knife factory at home in Mora. The awards serve as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship performed by our highly skilled colleagues, who meticulously develop, manufacture, and distribute our high-quality products to the global community. Now, we’re going to celebrate together!” Says a proud and happy Erik Eriksson, CEO of Morakniv.

The Swedish Design Awards is a competition in design with the aim of promoting and developing Swedish graphic design and communication. The competition is open to anyone who works with graphic design, design and similar creative areas, and is won by jury judging and votes from the Swedish people.

Advertising agencies and clients from all over Sweden took part in the competition, and the prize ceremony was held at the Modern Museum in Stockholm.

About Morakniv

Say Morakniv to a Swede, and you can be sure that person has a childhood memory of fishing or making bark boats. The high quality knives have been manufactured in Mora, Sweden since 1891. Today, the skills of the local craftsmen are embodied in the family-owned factory, where high quality steel is turned into knives used and appreciated by outdoor lovers across the world.

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