LPC updates 2018: Organic cotton and recycled polyester

Prior to 2018, Lundhags will update the main material Lundhags PolyCotton with a transition to organic cotton and recycled polyester. An important step towards a more sustainable business.

For 2018, we update the majority of our Lundhags PolyCotton (LPC) fabrics with newly developed LPC fabrics in organic cotton and recycled polyester. Most of Lundhags pants and backpacks, as well as several jackets, consist of the LPC material. The update means that most Lundhags assortment within confection and backpacks will be even more sustainable. A milestone for Lundhags.

LPC, Lundhags PolyCotton, is a blend of polyester and cotton. The fibre composition enhances the advantages of each fibre, allowing each fibre to complement each other and increase the life expectancy of the garments. Polyester increases the durability of the material and helps the garment to dry faster. Cotton makes the garment soft and comfortable against the skin and contributes to excellent breathability. LPC provides good air circulation and ventilation, as well as an optimized microclimate between the different layers. Breathability, flexibility, windproofness, durability, strength and UV protection, combined with the tight weave of the fabric, form an unbeatable combination for those wanting to be outside in all types of weather. LPC is old school, but still high tech like nanotechnology, except without the hocus-pocus.

The transition to organic cotton and recycled polyester is for all garments in LPC for the 2018 collection, and the Gneik and Gnaur backpacks.

Our Lundhags PolyCotton RM/OC consists of 65% Recycled Material/Polyester (RM) and 35% Organic Cotton (OC). The LPC material in Lundhags pants and jackets is produced in the qualities 155/181/205 gram/m2.  In our backpacks, the material is a heavier thickness of 455 gr/m2 and a Ripstop variation in 231 gr/m2. For certain jackets, an LPC Wax is used, where the material has a wax treated surface for extra weatherproofness.

About Lundhags

Lundhags makes boots fit for kings – literally. The company is a Royal Warrant Holder to the Swedish royal family. Since 1932, the shoemaker in Järpen, Sweden, has made comfortable and durable boots for all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Today, Lundhags also sells clothing, backpacks and other outdoor equipment developed in the same tradition.

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