Kupilka even greener in the future

Commitment brief

Plasthill is constantly developing Kareline natural fibre composite to be even greener. The goal is to raise the bio-based content of Kupilka products to 80% by 2050.


Natural fibre composites support the usage of renewable energy sources – this, combined with products of long lifespan, reduces carbon footprint. The wood for the composite comes from the Finnish certified forests. The goal is to raise the bio-based content of Kupilka products from existing 50% to 80% by 2050. Did you know we were one of the first companies in the world to start using green electricity in our production in 1998? All our products and materials are still made with green electricity. We are constantly developing our production to be as sustainable as possible. We hope that our commitment will encourage other companies to be more ecological too.

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About Kupilka

For many years, Kupilka outdoor products have received genuine popularity among hikers, hunters, campers, bushcraft teachers, courtyard cooks and other friends of nature, with recyclable and natural properties. Kupilka products are made from the company’s own biomaterial and the production process is carbon neutral. The product range includes cups, plates, bowls, eating utensils as well as knives and firesteels. All Kupilka products are manufactured in Finland using EKOenergy.

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