Keep track of your daily activities and exercising with SILVA’s new

SILVA now launches SEC ad SEC X, two smartbands designed for joggers and other sportspeople to meet greatly expanded consumer demand.


For 30 years, SILVA has been producing reliable and high quality pedometers that have been highly popular with active people. Building on its refined pedometer technologies and experience, SILVA has developed two accurate smartbands ideal for people with an active lifestyle no matter what the level. They will help anyone wanting to start a healthier lifestyle and also those at high levels to improve and reach even better results.

SEC – A smartband for those wanting to track daily activities and improve their level of fitness to a decent standard. This band measures the number of steps, distance covered and active training duration. Based on motion, the smartband even measures the user’s sleep since this is a fundamental part of the overall health aspect.

SEC X – A smartband for those wanting to achieve more than mere training. This band features everything the SEC band offers, but it can also measure heartrate* and time, and it reminds the user when it is time to drink water or take vitamins according to user programming. By connecting a phone to the SEC X, it also tells the user when someone is calling or a text message is received.


“Our customers are investing in an active lifestyle, they follow health trends and have a clear interest in their own level of fitness and daily activities. All activity is important, including the time between training sessions. Many people interested in exercising welcome the new technology and the advanced features as an opportunity to follow and develop their own exercise regimens,” says Sara Georgsson, Category Manager at SILVA.


A common feature of the two smartbands is that users can track past activities and trends on their phones using an app that is available both for iPhone and Android. The bands come in a sporty design, they are comfortable to wear and waterproof. Users need not worry if it is raining or if they take a shower with the smartband. The SEC and SEC X will be available in stores by the end of 2015.



* Can be synced with an optional heart rate monitor strap.


For more information, please contact: Patrik Elfwing, CEO, SILVA SWEDEN

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Silva has been developing and selling products for sports and outdoor activities since 1933. Its focus areas are running, cross-country skiing, cycling, orienteering and outdoor activities. Silva’s products are characterised by a high level of functionality and innovative design. They are developed in Sweden with design and construction adapted to withstand the tough demands of the Nordic climate. Silva has been owned by Karnell since 2011.

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About Silva

SILVA has developed and sold sports and outdoor accessories since 1933. The hero products, compasses and headlamps, are characterized by a high level of functionality and innovative design. All products are designed and tested in Sweden to withstand the tough Nordic climate and terrain. SILVA develop accessories for activities such as running, skiing, biking and hiking.

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