Ivanhoe celebrates 75 years!

The Swedish family company and knitting specialist Ivanhoe AB is celebrating 75 years, and as a part of the celebration they will launch small collections during the year with styles that are reflecting important eras and successes from the past.

– We are extremely proud of the heritage founded by our grandfather, managed for many years by our father and uncles and then left to us to develop and take forward, says Anders Göthager, CEO of Ivanhoe and one of three siblings running the company today.

The family firm of Ivanhoe was founded in 1946 in Gällstad, a district known as Sweden’s own knitting centre. Ivanhoe still run their own production in Gällstad, where approx. 90% of the knitting takes place. High quality garments have always been significant for their collections, even though focus and markets have changed over the years. Today their focus is on knitted, high functional garments in natural materials and almost entirely in wool. –

Making our 75th anniversary at a time of great disruption for the world, traditional celebration inviting partners, customers and friends were out of the question, so to honor our legacy and to highlight this event, we have chosen to make some unique birthday-collections to launch during the year reflecting some of the most important eras of the company, for ex a retro ski collection based on styles from the 80’s when ski sweaters were a big success, Anders Göthager continous.

-The company was registered on the 20th of November 1946. The 20th of November this year is a Saturday, so hopefully time will allow us to celebrate with some cake together with staff and customers in our shop in Gällstad.

Read more about the company at www.ivanhoe.se
For info & contact: Anna Göthager, Ivanhoe AB, anna@ivanhoe.se, +46 321 688705

About Ivanhoe

The family company of Ivanhoe was founded in 1946 in Gällstad, a district known as Sweden’s knitting centre, where tradition and pioneering spirits still live on. Several generations experience and competence enable Ivanhoe to continuously develop both base and functional garments. The material is usually different types of wool such as merino, lambswool and boiled wool, this can always be found in the collections. They also incorporate new blends, treatments, knitting and weaving techniques.


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