Ispo 2015 press material

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Dale of Norway has been a leader in knitwear design and manufacturing since 1879. Known for its long knitting history, authenticity, and quality, Dale of Norway continues to craft the world’s finest knitwear, inspired by beautiful Norwegian patterns and the active Norwegian lifestyle. The Dale of Norway factory and facility, located in the picturesque village of Dale, is fully operated by natural and eco-friendly HydroPower from local waterfalls since 1879.

The 2015 collection includes authentic, contemporary and technical garments for fashion and sport made from premium 100% Norwegian wool and skinsoft Merino, and Dale’s innovative Weatherproof protection. Dale of Norway continues to develop different yarn qualities and designs to offer the consumer the best and most comfortable knitwear. Styles are offered for men, women, and kids – including accessories.


About Dale

Due to the cold winters, Norway has a long tradition in wool and knitwear. This provides Dale of Norway with a rich heritage of beautiful patterns, inspired by nature and history. Over the past 140 years, Dale of Norway have developed their own designs, and redesigned age-old Norwegian patterns, turning them into garments for fashion and sport with an authentic history.

Being one of the very few textile companies with production in Norway, Dale of Norway are able to pay close attention to every stage of the production. This ensures premium quality in every garment – a Dale of Norway trademark since 1879.