Icebug Xperience – Welcome to something new

Icebug Xperience is a unique event where you explore 74 kilometers of the Swedish coastal landscape during three days. It will once again set a new record in numbers of runners and walkers.
But it’s the high international participation that is the most magical thing about it.

The whole purpose of Icebug Xperience is to show people something new. To make people realize that a race can be so much more than a race. Therefore, we invented a race that doesn’t end at the finish line. The finish line is just the start of a greater experience. From the way you choose to deal with the 74 Ks, to the local food you eat, the small cabins you sleep in just by the sea and the new friends you will meet.

Since the start of Xperience 3 years ago people from approximately 30 different countries have joined us. This year there will be no different. Xperience is really opening up the door to the the west coast of Sweden for participants from near and far.
– I love Sweden and I have wanted to come here for a long time. And to be able to see this part of Sweden by foot was perfect. It was a stunning experience. And the nature – wow, says Sol Berruezo from Argentina.

Bohuslän is famous for its beautiful archipelago and the unique nature is globally regarded for its environment. CNN has ranked it as one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world. When adding the adventure of Xperience you will be part of something totally new.
– It’s not just a race, it’s an all inclusive experience in every way. We have set the limit to 700 participants and it seems like we will be fully booked before spring is over, Jonas Svengård, Race Manager at Icebug, says.

Icebug Xperience differs from many other Scandinavian hiking and trail running races. Whereas other events have focused on the mountains, we look to the sea. The race consists of three day stages and you choose if you would like to run or hike. This is a diverse experience for everyone from competitive trail runners to walkers. The race consists of a 74-kilometre distance during a course of three days, covering approximately 20-30 kilometres per day.

The stages will take you through everything from magical forests, smooth red granite slabs, unique stone quarries and small enchanting fishing villages. You will find something to love in every part. Out on the rocks or in the forest you will learn why Icebug make shoes with the outstanding rubber compound RB9X. And you will understand why Icebug says this is the companys backyard, the place where we come to play.

So come and try something new. We hope to see you in Bohuslän September 1-3!

If you want to join us, please contact Icebug’s PR Manager at Icebug HQ Sweden for more information.
+46722 461146



1. Ramsvik rocks. 23K, 404M vertical gain.
The first stage of Icebug Xperience starts on the sea cliffs of Ramsvikslandet. On this stage you will run on the famous, slightly red-colored granite slabs for almost 8k, surrounded by the most stunning views Bohuslän has to offer. Everywhere are traces from the ancient ice sheet with giant kettles and ice slides. When you’ve passed the cliff sections on the island of Ramsvik, you will run over a bridge back to the mainland. Once back on the mainland, you will run beautiful single tracks passing mountains and forests before you reach Kungshamn and Smögen. The finish takes place on the famous piere in Smögen.

2. Woods and islands. 29K, 571M vertical gain.
The second stage is the most diverse in this adventure. You run through enchanted deciduous forests, over rocks along the shore, and through the stunning old stonemasonry and small fishing villages.

The stage starts on Bohus-Malmön which is a place with an interesting stonemasonry history, with reminders such as the old quarries and stone remnants. The coastal trail here takes us around the island and you will pass nice beaches with smooth granit slabs. After 11 K Bohus-Malmön, you arrive at the ferry station, where a ferry will take you back to the mainland.

On the main, starting at Tullboden, the second episode of the stage starts. Here awaits a quite hilly track with a wide range of scenery. Here you will pass slippery rocks, verdant forests and pittoresque gravel roads. After approx. 17 additional K, you will reach the finish line in Kungshamn.

3. Hunnebo haute raute. 21K, 430M vertical gain.
The last stage starts in the pittoresque port of Hunnebostrand and the participants will then pass through the village and a unique stone sculpture park. The trail then goes on in the hilly terrain around Hunnebostrand. The trail passes through a varied landscape where the hill peaks provide a magnificent view of the archipelago and the sea. You will pass lovely deciduous forests where the richness of culture and ancient monuments is great. After approximately 15K, you will pass a bridge back to Ramsvik.

You continue down to the shore and passes along Sotekanalen into Ramsvikslandet, a nature reserve also called “The rocks kingdom”. Here are vast areas of granite rock but also heathlands and meadows. The goal for the day is our hub at Ramsviks Holiday Village on the north side of Ramsvikslandet. This stage measures about 20 km and is quite hilly (430 vertical meters).

About Icebug

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company that back in 2001 started to challenge the global footwear giants with new innovative traction technologies. The reason why Icebug started was the frustration of having to choose between slipping or saying no to outdoor activities because of the risk of slipping. Icebug traction technologies enable people to enjoy outdoor activities all year around, no matter the conditions.

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