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The Houdini Menu – the world’s first vegetarian fine-dining experience grown from old sportswear

With its constant innovative focus on circular production, Houdini Sportswear continues to break new grounds within the clothing industry. All garments from every collection
are created to maximize user experience, comfort and functionality together with sustainability and recycling. Taking the next step in this philosophy, Houdini has now composted worn out clothes, cultivated vegetables and from that created a unique ne-dining menu composed by the Swedish star chef Sebastian Thureson and invited their users as guests.

A video of the full project can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/2p3srOQ

“Our vision has been the same from the start, to create clothes and services that maximize people’s outdoor experiences without having a negative environmental impact on our planet. By growing vegetables from worn out base layers, we want to showcase how beautiful it can be when we manage to close the loop. Food for both thought and taste buds, you could say,” comments Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini.

This means that it is now possible to use, as an example, a Houdini Airborn base layer shirt until it is completely worn out, and then compost the garments to create new life. Almost every Houdini garment is fully recyclable, yet the design and construction work is constantly under development. That has now resulted into three compostable product lines:

Airborn, Activist and Wooler. The fabric is created from 100% renewable, organic, natural material and therefore they are biological degradable.

The clothes were put in the compost in November 2016 and turned into nutritious soil in six months. The compost used belongs to Gunnar Eriksson, an expert in the area with more than 20 years of experience. Vegetables and herbs have then grown from the soil with which the chef Sebastian Thureson created the world’s rst vegetarian ne-dining experience ever made of worn-out garments.

Sebastian Thureson comments: “Houdini has a certain honesty to them and the way they make their clothes. When I created the menu for the dinner I wanted to capture the fact that it is created from old clothes, but also give that honest feeling to every dish. In the end, that resonates well with how I want to cook in my job”.

Houdini Sportswear has taken the Houdini Menu Project to Friedrichshafen this year with an outdoor booth where the visitors are welcome chill out with a cool drink or do di erent kind of activities like planting seeds in the Houdini Soil.

Come and hang out with us during the OutDoor show at the HangOut Area – Open Air Grounds West, Stand FG–A9/1.

For interviews or questions, please contact:
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Olle van Keppel
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About Houdini

Houdini’s mission is what they call “core comfort for body and soul”. This means no compromises when it comes to performance, sustainability and style. A majority of Houdini’s products has been transformed from the conventional linear to the circular product lifecycle and can be recycled through a closed-loop recycling system.

Houdini delivers products from underwear to shell layers with the ultimate vision of enabling a “maximum experiences, zero impact” lifestyle.

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