Polyver is a Swedish company based in northern Sweden where the wilderness and the extreme climatic conditions are their inspiration for developing high performance products. Precursor of polyurethane boot, Polyver has used its many years of expertise to create the Premium boot.


Polyver Premium boot


The Premium boot retains much of the classic silhouette that makes it instantly recognisable but this is where the similarities end.
The Swedish made, polyurethane winter boot focuses on quality, comfort and function. Starting with the PU shell, over the last 20 years, Polyver has developed a unique PU recipe to ensure consistency, performance and quality.
The Premium model features a dual density set-up to ensure you have the greatest protection where you need it most whilst remaining lightweight, flexible and durable.

• Non slip sole:
The updated sole design features improved grip on ice and snow and has a revised trend pattern offering excellent grip in various terrains.

• Wool lining and reinforced areas:
The lining has been updated to feature wool with reinforced areas. This increases comfort and has improved moisture management properties over previous models. Wool naturally reduces the amount of bacteria that can cause odour ensuring the boot stays fresher, longer.  The reinforced areas offer durability to ensure it can handle all that is thrown at it.

• Premium innersole:
The addition of a three layer, dedicated innersole offers improved protection against the cold and better support for the foot.
The quick drying innersole can easily be removed for cleaning and drying as required. This extra protection means the boots can be used in températures down to -50°C.

• Adjustable collar:
The waterproof textile collar can easily be adjusted to ensure the perfect fit and stop the harsh winter weather from entering the boot.
The boots are 100% waterproof and with this additional protection it guarantees the rain and snow remain on the outside.

Premium boots 139€
Available in black and green colors


From their manufacturing base in the Swedish town of Pilgrimstad, which is located in the rugged landscape of Jämtland and close to the famous ski ressort of Åre, Polyver has the perfect environment to test and develop new products. Polyver boots are proud to retain production in Sweden and today their products are distributed in over 20 countries.

For additional information, please contact Marine Werling, Artistic Director, marine.werling@polyver-group.com

About Polyver Sweden

Polyver Sweden was born from a desire to encourage everyone to enjoy outdoors without having to worry about getting cold feet. For the past 15 years Polyver has protected people from nature’s chill, making them feel safe and comfortable in even the most extreme conditions. Today, Polyver is very proud to be one of the last outdoor brands to manufacture their PU boots in Sweden, focusing on high quality winter boots offering excellent comfort, lightness, insulation and durability.

Pilgrimcenter 110
84397 Pilgrimstad