SOA Finalists FW16

Helsport – Snota X-trem 40 L


Snota X-trem 40 L

Category: Hardware

Primary innovation features

Multi-use winter pack with sled harness adapted to sled use

Intended specific end use

Winter activities such as overnight ski trips with a sled, backcountry skiing or ski touring.

Specific Features

  • Fixed suspension that keeps the load close to your body
  • Extra durable fabrics on the sides and bottom
  • Clean and smooth surface sheds snow
  • Large and multifunctional zip access
  • Spacious top pocket
  • Large pocket with avalanche equipment functionality

Sustainability information

  • Built to last
  • One pack that covers several activities promotesless need to buy several packs
  • Helsport provides extensive after-sale service to help customers hold on to their products

Available in stores

March 2016.

Recommended retail price in SEK/Euro

€ 199

Snota x-trem SnotaX-trem_OrangeRed_1