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We have added a new tent to our Børge Ousland signature range! 

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Himalaya is developed in close cooperation between Helsport and Børge Ousland, based on Børges experiences from 29 years of expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Security is always critical on such trips, and this tent has all the necessary details for safe and simple handling during the worst conditions.

The aerodynamic construction is especially important in wind. The tent will not be pushed down in strong winds, but instead the wind will flow over the tent-roof. In addition to increased stability, the construction also saves weight, because the tent uses shorter poles and less fabric. The positioning of the poles, as well as their angle, also makes the tent extra suitable for extreme wind. Enough height when you get weather-bound.

This tent really is optimal for winter-use; every single detail is developed to make sure things works as easy and functional as possible. It has durable, reinforced details that manage the harshest conditions. The storm flaps with integrated peg loops is in one piece around the tent. This reduces the pitching time especially during windy conditions. The peg loops is wide and not too long, perfect for pitching the tent with skis.

Ventilation is an important aspect on all tents. Himalaya has one angled vent on both sides that are placed high enough so they do not pack up with snow, despite windy conditions. You also have alternative entrances, to ensure you have options and stay protected when the weather turns.

Techinical details:

  • Persons: 2
  • Packed volume: 18 x 50 cm
  • Tent weight (+ – 10%): 3,00 kg
  • Weight pegs:  0,26 kg
  • Pole length:  2 x 370 + 1 x 265 cm
  • Poles:  DAC Featherlight NSLTM (48 cm sections)
  • Fabric inner tent:  Micro Ripstop® Polyester 30D
  • Fabric outer tent:  Helsport SuperLight 1000
  • Fabric floor: 3000 mm Polyamide SI, 5000 mm
  • Accessories: Rep Kit (150g) contains: fabric, needle, thread, seamsealer, repair sleeve and extra pole segment.
  • Color: Red/Yellow

For almost 30 years we have gained knowledge from Børge Ousland, and Himalaya 2 is a concrete example of a close partnership with a fantastic adventurer.

With more than 20 years experience of record-breaking Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, Norwegian Børge Ousland became the first person to complete a unsupported solo expedition to the North Pole. As a Nansen and Amundsen heir, he was also the first to cross the Antarctic continent alone. Børge is a recognized photo and documentary filmmaker who has received several international awards for his expeditions and films.

“Børge Ousland is arguably the most accomplished polar explorer alive!” – National Geographic Adventure, february 2006

Helsport Himalaya

About Helsport

In 1970, Helsport launched the world’s first tunnel tent, just one example of the innovative products from this family owned company. The brand focus is on high quality and lightweight mountaineering products. Helsport was started in 1951, in Trondheim, Norway and has since equipped hundreds of expeditions all over the world.

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